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A Little Bit Of Luxury

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We all like to have a bit of luxury in our lives, whether you are buying for someone else or for you - it's is important to treat yourself! Then we have all the luxuries you could need from Shay and Blue. From our 10 piece Fragrance Wardrobe to our Extract of Parfum why not take a look...

Precious Trios

We have three different Precious Trio collections for you to choose from. Broken down into fragrance families you are bound to find one that is right for you or the person you are gifting to! At just £65 for three fragrances you cant go wrong. 


As you can imagine our floral set is our most femanine of our Precious Trios. The set includes Amber Rose, Scarlet Lily and our 2021 scent Tallulah's Camellia! Already getting a lot of interest you can be one of the first to try Tallulah's Camellia before its official launch in 2021. 

Floral Trio


Our woods trio is the most masculine of the three. Featuring three of our concentrate fragrances in 10ml sizes you get Kings Wood, Blacks Club Leather and Oud Alif in the set. 


The fresh collection is the most unisex of the three containing Blood Oranges, White Peaches and Watermelons. This set is idel for gifting or separating into three gifts! We won't judge you if you keep them for yourself though! 

Shop all Precious Trios

Precious Miniatures

Our Precious Miniatures collection is one of our best sellers. Full of five of our best selling fragrances it is a sure hit with whoever is lucky enough to recieve it. In the set you will find Blood Oranges, Balck Tulip, English Cherry Blossom, Atropa Belladonna and Framboise Noire. You can either wear these fragrances alone of mix and match them, layering to make a new fragrance completely. 

View the Precious Miniatures Collection

Precious Miniatures Collection


Our most festive of our gifts is our Cracker set, coming with three crackers in the set you of course get three different fragrances. Inside your cracker you will find either Atropa Belladonna, Black Tulip or Blood Oranges. Unfortunately the crackers don't come with bad jokes inside so you will have to make those up yourself! 

Take a look at our crackers set

Fragrance Wardrobe

Our fragrance wardrobe is new to Shay and Blue this year and features 10 of our fragrances in 10ml bottles! The wardrobe has multiple different fragrance familes so you will always find a fragrance to fit your mood. One you run out you can also purchase another 10ml and simply slot it in where the finished bottle would have gone! 

The collection includes the following fragrances: 

  • Oud Alif
  • Dandelion Fig
  • English Cherry Blossom
  • Blackberry Woods
  • Amber Rose
  • Black Tulip
  • Atropa Belladonna
  • Salt Caramel
  • Blood Oranges
  • Tallulah's Camelia

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Our concentrates are a great way to step up your fragrance game. From fresh pineapple and fern fragrances to leather, firewoood and mahogony our concentrate fragrances have it all. At £85 for 100ml they are a stronger concentrate of fragrance in comparison to our Eau de Parfum range but won't break the bank. Available in Kings Wood, Blacks Club Leather, Oud Alif and Amber Oud Ahad. 

Shop our concentrate fragrances here! 

Concentrate and Extract

Extract of Parfum

Our strongest concentrate of all our unique fragrances, highly concentrated and intensely captivating. Available in 60ml bottles they are the most luxurious fragrances in our collection. Available in Amber Rose, Oud Alif and Parfum Nashwa. 

Take a look at our Extract of Parfum

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