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Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Wonderland

2 min read

‘Curiouser and curiouser!’ ~Alice As perfumers, we of course believe in the power of what's inside our smoky blue glass bottles to heighten the senses and fire the imagination. Perhaps that’s why we love Lewis Carroll’s infamous child’s tale so much. The strange and magical world of Alice in Wonderland is something that has rooted its fantastical, dreamlike and constantly questioning narrative into our everyday lives. From the topsy-turvy poetry that bubbles its way through Lewis Caroll’s whimsical writing and into our daily idioms, to the psychedelic, rebellious and distinctly rock ‘n’ roll vibe of a brash and confident young girl going up against all the uptight mores of ‘conventional’ society, the image of the blue-eyed Alice, hurtling down the rabbit hole and out into a world full of imagination, creativity, and sensuous wonder is an enticing and exotic one. Little surprise, then, that she’s also been the literary poster girl for a host of artists, philosophers, rock stars, and even – mathematicians. Inspiring and beckoning us to follow her stockinged feet out of the tedium of humdrum life – and into something that could be shocking, surreal – but always radically exciting. To mark Alice’s 150th anniversary, the 'Alice In Wonderland’ exhibition at the British Library promises to give you more than a little taste of Lewis Caroll’s wild-eyed and capricious wonderland. Exploring how Alice has captured our imaginations for so many years, Lewis Carroll’s original manuscript with hand-drawn illustrations, alongside stunning editions by Mervyn Peake, Ralph Steadman, Leonard Weisgard, Arthur Rackham, Salvador Dali and others have been brought together, allowing you to explore Alice’s evolution and discover how she came to leave such a potent mark on our shared cultural identity. And you might just be left – like the quixotic, wonderful Alice and her friends, wanting to step outside the hum of the ordinary, through the doorway of curiosity – to embrace a world full of strange, whimsical magic instead.

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