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Hosted: The Perfect Valentine’s Night

2 min read

Forget fluffy hearts and saccharine sweetness. Valentine’s Night deserves to be one to remember. Read on for some fabulous tips, to help you steep the night in a serious dose of amorousness.   Indulge There’s a lovely little ruffle of excitement in the air when opening up your Valentine’s gift, isn’t there? Expectation, anticipation – and a sweet bite of surprise. So let your gift lead the momentum of the night. Instead of defaulting for the usual heart-shaped everythings, pick out a little treasure that shows how well you know your lover’s heart, and much you appreciate them. Bittersweets’ dainty yet charmingly irreverent jewellery is delicate, with just a hint of darkness in the gold. Don’t forget – you deserve a gift too. Treat yourself, and get ready for the night, with an enticing outfit, and a delicious veil of scent – our sweet Salt Caramel is mouth-wateringly enticing, while the luscious Amber Rose teases with the promise of languid passion.   Entice Décor truly makes the night. Flickering candle flames set the mood for kisses in shadows, while soft and sumptuous textures provide the perfect place for a warm embrace. Use lighting to create ambience – create your own exotic harem with ornate fabrics hanging overhead, and curtains of delicate lights sparkling like starlight. Gold adds a lustrous shimmer to deepen the mysterious glow of candle light around you – traditional candle holders or miniature gilded mirrors cast around will turn your home into an enigmatic hideaway. Don’t forget the all-important playlist to set the tone for the night. If cheesy love-fests are your thing, then don’t hold back – but if Barry White doesn’t quite appeal, then craft a playlist that reveals something about you. Choose tracks you’ll both love and will savour – with a private joke hidden between the lines, or a memory of that first date.   Seduce After all the anticipation, your hedonistic night could easily be interrupted by memories of the mundane – so prepare those special rooms in advance. Keep your bedroom a clutter-free sanctuary and remove anything that might sabotage the night – unnecessary technology, laundry, paperwork – anything that might hint at the humdrum life that you’ve left behind for the night, should be put away. Make your bed a space of comfort and sensuality – forget slippery satin sheets, and opt for sheer indulgence instead. High thread count cotton feels incredibly soft and smooth, and wonderful on the skin, while staying cool enough when things heat up. After that, once the stage is set, it’s down to you to use your imagination – and get as creative as you like…

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