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Ingredient Spotlight: Blood Oranges

2 min read

Citrus scents can often be olfactory fireworks: a burst of brightness that fizzles out too soon, leaving nothing but a half-hearted memory. But like the sanguine coloured fruit itself, Blood Oranges nurtures deeper, darker treasures beyond its first, deliciously mouth-watering hint of summer zest. A journey woven through fragrance, this is a scent that is both clever and poetic. It opens on your skin like a fresh peeled fruit. Pleasingly refreshing, this is tantalising stuff – ripe, swollen oranges, sun-warmed and heavy with juice. A hint of bitterness exudes from drops of orange oil, fresh from the rind. As this perfume is made with two pounds of fresh fruit, this powerful introduction comes as no surprise. And there’s a welcome hint of their native Sicily, as a sweet tartness intertwines with a lighter tease of an herb-scented breeze. But not content to be any ordinary citrus, this fragrance soon takes a more sensual turn. Head off from the pathways of the sunlit orange groves and into the shade, as musk starts to fill the air and cast whispers through the shadows. Hints of a forest woodland, with heart-racing chases, secret encounters and the glimpse of the sun through the canopy of leaves above start to weave a subtle mystery behind what you thought was so familiar. Then dusk sets, and there’s no room for disguise. Unabashedly powerful and seductive, the memory of fresh juice turns into a darker, sweeter encounter – a heart of hot Napa leather and rich spices gives warmth and character, while the shadow of charred wood and amber leaves a trace in the air, luring you to lean in, and linger a little longer. Seductive, charming, and unflinchingly different – this is a scent to infuse with your persona – and transport you to a bold new world, where passion is never content to stay hidden for too long. Discover Blood Oranges today.  

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