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Ingredient Spotlight: Framboise Noire

2 min read

Autumn nights have their own distinctively lascivious appeal. The inscrutable depths of a rich, dark wine smoothing conversation into coquettish flirtation. The sharp, sweet accord of rare black raspberries and forest berries, bursting and staining lips and fingertips with their tempting juice. The velvet depths of ancient woodland nights, bright with the untainted buzz of starlight and fireflies, inebriated with the wave of nocturnal flowers spilling their scent out into the air. It takes a rare kind of alchemist to capture the feel of that ephemeral night, but it’s deliciously magical when it happens. An entirely handcrafted fragrance, Framboise Noire is both beguiling and disarming with its symphony of fruity red berries, poised on the cusp of tender sweetness and tantalising tartness. Baskets over-flowing with fresh-picked fruit come to mind with the first hint of the scent, bruised berries still warm from the bushes with the fading September sun, intertwining nostalgia for the dog days of summer - with something altogether more impetuous. Then a magnetic heart of iris pallada blossoms on the skin, heady and erotic after that sumptuous feast of crushed fruits has faded, not at all overpowering – but certainly, undeniably present. After, twilight teases with the provocative contrast of white oud and black woods, providing a suitably cool and smoky aftermath to that rich sensory constellation. At Shay and Blue we craft every fragrance from real flowers, fruits and spices, weaving scent and memory into every molecule of perfume we create. The time and patience of this alchemical art lingers in every bottle – the wait for the autumn harvest of forest fruits to ripen. The long, gradual process of crushing, extracting and distilling precious and deeply fragrant oil, before finally leaving it to mature to the peak of its quality. The result is a fragrance that beautifully captures an idyllic rendition of those perfumed nights, drenched with ruby juice and the cool darkness of the earth – Framboise Noire.

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