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Introducing the Black Season Collection

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Exciting news: our exclusive black season collection has launched!

Our new collection features our amazing luxury vegan perfumes that are dark, alluring and seductive — perfect for a bewitching winter season.

Discover fragrances that are rich in warming spice and wood notes for winter. This collection is full of luxuriously layered, uplifting blends to surround you in comfort when the temperature drops.

What our Black Season collection Includes:

Our Black Tulip Fragrance is a study in contrasts. Our bestselling oriental floral has fresh floral notes blended with ripe plum and white chocolate. Sweet florals and sensual undertones mix together for a long-lasting and elegant scent.

The perfect accompaniment to the Black Tulip fragrance is the soothing and smooth Black Tulip Hand Creme.

Fancy something a little decadent? Then our Atropa Belladonna Fragrance is just what you need. Inspired by deadly nightshade, this jasmine floral blends juicy dark cassis berries and heady white flowers to mesmerising effect.

You can never have too much of a good thing so if you love Atropa Belladonna, you’ll love the matching Hand Creme. It’s high in Shea Butter and Vitamin E for deep nourishment. 

Framboise Noire is a gorgeous red and black berry blend that seduces and enchants. Black raspberry underscored with iris pallida and black woods give this sophisticated fragrance the dark allure of a rich red wine.

Amber Oud Ahad is prized for its warming properties. A mesmerizing and exquisite scent, amber is the star in this undeniably sensual, spice-rich blend with neroli and rose.

If you love rich notes, Parfum Nashwa is perfect for you. Cacao noir coconut melt over dark oud wood and musk to create a deliciously enduring blend.

A firm favourite, Salt Caramel is tempting and indulgent. It’s an irresistible fragrance composed of waves of caramel and bourbon vanilla cut through with sea salt. Delicious enough to eat.

Meanwhile, our Blacks Club Leather Fragrance creates the aroma of the casino and clubs. Rich in leather and as warming as a cognac drink, this unisex and sophisticated fragrance is great for those VIP nights out. The scent of the fireplace is mingled with leather, antique furniture wax, old books and a warming brandy.

Last not but least, Oud Alif is a blend of the finest oud agarwood spiked with chocolat noir and notes of elegant leather, saffron and dark patchouli. Unisex, sensual, and confident, this blend is hypnotic and impossible to ignore.

Every product is vegan, cruelty free and made from natural ingredients.

Enjoy the best of the night in one collection!

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