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Luxury Gift Guide 2021

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If you’re looking to treat yourself or want to spoil someone with a gorgeous Christmas gift, our Boutique Manager Brooke is here to guide you through this year’s gift list of luxury. With some helpful tips on how to select a fragrance along the way.

When choosing a fragrance gift for your friends and family think about how their new fragrance could amplify key parts of their personality.....#personalityamplified

Do they wear it every time they go out or perhaps prefer just a hint of a scent? This should tell you how intense they like their fragrance. If they wear fragrance very lightly, go with an Eau de Parfum or even a hand and body lotion. Concentrates and extracts are a more likely option for one who enjoys a bit more intensity.


1. Amber Rose Extract of Perfum 60ML

This Extract of Parfum concentration is an intense delight for rose lovers. A decadent, elegantly romantic fragrance loved by women and daring for men.

2. Oud Alif Fragrance Concentrée 100ML


Oud Alif - creamy, soft, rounded woods, inspired by the great gourmand oud fragrances of the Middle East. Spiked with the richness of chocolat noir and notes of elegant leather an ideal fragrance for men or women looking for a rick intenseness.

3. Blackberry Woods Fragrance 100ml

Dark and sensual like a walk in dew-soaked woods. Glossy berry juice with punk-sharp citrus. A rebel fragrance with heart and mind. The essence of enchantment.

4. Salt Caramel Fragrance 100ml

Spoon drippingly glossy caramel. Caribbean Tonka bean and soft sandalwood meld into deliciously frothy sea salt. A deeply comforting fragrance. So addictive it's illegal.

5. Black Tulip Fragrance 100ml

An oriental floral statement. Snowdrops and cyclamen give a hit of floral freshness. As it warms on the skin the blend opens into velvety black tulips and plum. Creamy vanilla notes of white chocolate and soft woods leave an elegant impression for all.

6. Framboise Noire Fragrance 100ml

Punch-drunk black raspberry and forest berries deepen with the heart of black wood. This wine-like fragrance is smooth and elegant like textures of velvet and cashmere.

7. Atropa Belladonna 100ml Fragrance

Figure out what generally sparks their interest.

Do they love garden scents or bakeries or perhaps something spicier? Based on this, you can have a look at fragrance categories, i.e. fresh floral or citrus, to help you narrow it down.

What’s in their old favourite?

If they have been wearing a scent, a quick internet search can tell you what’s in it. Frequently there’s a common thread with perfumes that one tends to love. Pick a couple components and explore different fragrances that also feature one of those ingredients.

Hedge your bet. 

If you’re not totally confident with your decision, give them a collection so they can choose a fragrance on a daily basis.


1. Blacks Club Leather Fragrance Concentrée 100ML

Blacks Club Leather - the aroma of the London private member's club, Blacks of Soho. A perfectly smooth and unisex leather fragrance.

3. Rich Almond Shower Oil - English Cherry Blossom 250ML

Use Rich Almond Shower Oil instead of soap or shower gel to cleanse, soften and protect your skin in one step. Made from purest sweet almond oil this gentle body cleanser is intensely nourishing and generously scented to leave a touch of unique English Cherry Blossom fragrance on the skin.



1. Rich Almond Hand Créme Collection 5 x 40ML

Discover five generously fragranced Hand Crèmes in a beautifully gift presentation box with striped grosgrain ribbon. Rich Almond Hand Crème is nourishing and intensely soothing.

2. Precious Miniatures 5 x 10ML Spray Fragrances

Precious Miniatures provides a sensory explosion with five of the bestselling perfume blends from our London Boutique.

3. Cracker Set 3 x 10ML Natural Fragrances

Set of three crackers each one filled with a bestselling vegan fragrance. Each set contains Atropa Belladonna, Blood Oranges and Black Tulip in a handy 10ml size. A seasonal treat for fragrance lovers. Give as a set or as three individual gifts.


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