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Me Time: Revive, Refresh and Reflect

2 min read

Waking up to a new year can feel like a host of new pressures have just been added to your already overcrowded plate. New goals. New resolutions. And of course, the clichéd “New You”. But do we really need them? Instead of trying for a radical overhaul that is doomed to failure, why not take the opportunity to nurture yourself and set good intentions for a positive start to 2016? Read on for some fabulous tips on how to revive and refresh yourself, this January.   Revive Whether you’re in need of a detox after a season of indulgence, or simply feel low on energy, take this time to restore your internal balance with some reviving treats. This doesn’t have to mean resorting to extreme and restrictive diets, juice cleanses or a cocktail of bizarrely named supplements. Instead, move towards everyday decisions that are nourishing and restorative. Choose foods that feel inherently healing and wholesome, while savouring a moment of indulgent pleasure, too. Learn to tune in to your body, and rest when it demands it. Forget FOMO – let 2016 be the year you embrace your own needs!   Refresh A dazzling new fragrance. A wardrobe revamp. Or even a simple furniture reshuffle. Refreshing our surroundings can have an enormous impact on our mood, well-being and energy. Take the time to explore new spaces and take a fresh new perspective that moves you outside your comfort zone. Whittle your wardrobe down to the perfect capsule essentials, then add a dazzling statement piece that will transform your look. Follow your intuition and select a signature perfume that brightens your innermost self. And if you can’t quite face a spring clean yet – add an incredible piece of art to your home that will inspire you every day.   Reflect 2015 may have delivered plenty of challenges, glories, peaks and troughs. But don’t lose the spirit of reflection in the wave of newness. Instead, take the time to cultivate a moment of stillness, dedicated entirely and indulgently to yourself. Whether it’s a period of morning meditation, a gentle dawn walk, or simply getting out of bed a little earlier to enjoy your coffee before the bustle of the day begins, simple rituals and the luxury of a few quiet moments will give you some much needed time to pause and reflect. How do you plan to transform yourself this January? Share your favourite ideas with us!

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