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NEW FOR 2020 - Blackberry Woods Fragrance

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It’s always exciting for us to introduce a new fragrance to the Shay & Blue family - Blackberry Woods is no exception. Every perfume blend evokes unique personal associations, and with Blackberry Woods, there are familiar notes that can comfort and excite. When we received the first samples at the Shay & Boutique in Marylebone, the team tried it out and there was a burst of noisy reactions.


Childhood memories
The first spritz of scent brought back memories. Several people talked about the smell of sweet blackberries and the juiciness that stains your fingertips on a brambling expedition. There is a childlike exhilaration in recollections of spiky brambles, rustling leaves and the musky sweetness of heavy ripe berries.

Do you like natural scents?
If you enjoy fragrances that are inspired by nature then Blackberry Woods will be an interesting one to try. Blended into the familiar fruit notes you’ll find beautifully harmonising citrus. Dom and Julie used neroli, extracted from the blossom of the bitter orange tree, and lemon leaves. The sparkling citrus adds a naturally uplifting effect to Blackberry Woods fragrance.

@fellaby in her happy place with Blackberry Woods

Uplifting and sensual
Beneath the energising citrus is warm cypress wood. The cypress evokes forest walks, the scent of soft damp leaves with herbal notes of grasses and undergrowth. Overall, though everyone in the team had a different experience wearing Blackberry Woods for the first time, we all agreed it felt uplifting and sensual. And it’s a rare moment when our team all agrees! Fragrance is a deeply individual experience so you may find Blackberry Woods resonates differently for you. We’d love to know what you think.

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