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Seasonal scents: Salt Caramel

2 min read

There’s something really quite irresistible about a tray full of delicate and indulgent chocolate truffles. The scent of the warm, creamy chocolate lures you in, while the delightful edge of sharp sea salt against the smooth liquid folds of caramel is utterly enticing and addictive. That delicious feeling of this liquid temptation is what led us to create our exquisite Salt Caramel fragrance. Inspired by Charbonnel et Walker's Sea Salt Caramel Truffles,this is a scent that expertly mingles sweetness with a sharper, darker pleasure – a fragrance that perfectly underscores the intoxicating feeling of falling head over heals in love. For those with a sweet tooth, our gourmand fragrance will undoubtedly leave you hankering for a treat. The rich, buttery flow of warm caramel, the refined silky smoothness of a creamy, golden toffee, and the elegant yet indulgent refinement of the finest French patisserie first draws you in, impossible to resist. But there’s a fine and subtle balance – the tipping point where sweetness begins to cloy. And Salt Caramel pulls you away from the edge where it can become saccharine, instead, hinting at a sharp yet subdued tint of bitterness – the burnt edge that gives caramel its real pleasure. The smoky whisper of tonka draws a veil of sensuality over the innocence of sweetness, along with sandalwood to provide musky depths and a mysterious character. And to prevent things from becoming too dark – there it is, that sharp, arid and almost impish echo of salt. Salt and sweet is an incredible combination – one that requires mastery of a complex balancing act, to allow both personalities to enjoy the spotlight, and in doing so, brighten each other. And it’s a balance we love to play with, to craft a fragrance that evokes all the richness and indulgence of the finest culinary treats, with the intense, heart-rending yearning that leaves you crying out for more. One that will leave you addicted – intoxicated by its deliciously sweet, sharp pleasure.

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