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Seductive Scents For Valentine’s Day

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Do you feel those butterflies tickling in your stomach yet? Yes, ‘tis the season again where those roses are especially red and violets sheer blue, and we can’t wait for another Valentine’s Day where the world celebrates love in all its different forms and shapes. One of those is, of course, the love we have for our partners; or someone who we would like to be that special partner-in-crime.

Since the beginning of time, being attracted to another person has not just been maneuvered by looks only. Getting your sexy heels, or that best suit of yours on while making your hair look extra phenomenal is one thing. The other, possibly most important part of attracting the significant other is, however, the scent.

It has been proven that how the other person smells will automatically connect straight to the part of our brain responsible for memory and feelings. It has been proven that it effects our ability to feel attracted to each other and, eventually, fall in love.

So, for those of you love birds out there who have special dating plans for this year’s V-Day, here is our fragrance guide on how to attract your chosen one by applying the perfect seductive scent:

1. Atropa Belladonna – Will Make You Feel: Daring, Confident & Sexy

Our Atropa Belladonne scent’s heart note is based on the seductive power of white flowers such as jasmine and white narcissus, which contain a molecule named ‘indole‘, one that occurs naturally in animal notes and is well-known for its seductive qualities. Inspired by deadly nightshade and driven by its rich base of bourbon vanilla, this scent is set to make an impression.

2. Amber Oud Ahad - Will Make You Feel: Mysterious, Beautiful & Earth-bound

With its warm and fuzzy character our Amber Oud Ahad scent was designed to seduce with the power of its spicy amber note. Blend together with elegant neroli, iris, rose and hint of oud, this captivating, ancient fragrance has a mystical touch to it that is only hard to resist…

3. Black Tulip – Will Make You Feel: Empowered, Joyful & Passionate

Besides its freshness coming from cyclamen and snowdrops, our Black Tulip fragrance was made to leave an elegant impression, while playing with the powerful aphrodisiac effect of creamy vanilla, which is proven to affect your mood by appealing to your emotions, leaving you with an enhanced libido, and a feeling of calmness and serenity.

4. Oud Alif – Will Make You Feel: Romantic, Elegant & Magnetic

Introducing: Oud Alif, the scent of the Thousand and One Nights that attracts with its fine Oud Agarwood top note, magical chocolate noir and soft saffron heart and its base of napa leather, mixed with dark patchouli. Undoubtedly a fragrance that is rich in charm and its seductive qualities, remaining imprinted in your mind as mystical, earthy and sweet

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