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Street Style: Summer to autumn dressing

2 min read

As Londoners, we all know the feeling; it’s precisely 7:12am on Monday morning and the first pot of coffee is brewing. You chance a look out of the window... Surprise surprise: quintessential British rain stares goadingly back at you, rendering your divine summer dress and Charlotte Olympia flats combination utterly moot, and you – very late. We’ve all been there, so today we’re here to offer you a guiding hand whilst you sartorially navigate this tricky transitional period from summer to autumn… Jacket: The Trenchcoat No truly fashion-conscious woman ought to be out of arm’s reach of a trenchcoat at any given time. Thin enough for throwing over your beloved skinny jeans and shirt ensemble; wide enough for protecting the hair from a freak thunderstorm – the simple trenchcoat is both timelessly chic and effortlessly practical. Never let your coatrack be seen without it – unless it’s gracing your shoulders. [caption id="attachment_39" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Pictures, Mattias Swenson[/caption] Shoes: The Brogue Substantial enough to keep your feet cosy and dry when the temperature drops, yet less claustrophobic than the traditional autumn boot; brogues are the perfect transitional pair – and did we mention, they go with practically everything? The number one rule when wearing Brogues is always flash at least a little ankle. Whether that’s in a skater dress, or rolled-up Capri’s. A light shade will also make the most of the move from summer to autumn whilst keeping your feet high and dry. Hat: The Fedora  If you’re not ready to give up on the festival that was summer, but the weather has other ideas, the classic Fedora is both practical and a powerfully stylish statement that gives much needed oomph to everything from the simplest summer dress to a tailored suit. Our favourite look for the perfect transition is a black Fedora worn with high-waist flared trousers and a lightly embellished shirt. Fragrance: TheSalt Caramel Sweet enough to pay homage to the last days of summer, but spicy enough to denote that coveted atmosphere of cosy blanket-shrouded early autumn eves, our Salted Caramel fragrance will be your perfect companion, be it on the dresser or on the go in our handy portable size. And who wouldn’t want to radiate the divine aromas of bourbon vanilla?

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