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Watermelons Aren't Just For Eating!

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While watermelons are delicious and we highly recommend having them as a summer snack or wearing them as your fragrance of choice - Shop Shay and Blue Watermelons here - we also recommend wearing them as an everyday accessory! From phone cases to earrings and even items for your pets we have searched Etsy for some of our favourite watermelon accessories. Take a look at what we found for your next watermelon inspired look..


1. Face Masks

Obviously due to Covid-19 face masks are in need right now. You can get masks of all types from cotton to satin and everything inbetween. We have found some watermelon print ones which you can see below!

Image via Etsy


Shop option 1

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Shop option 3


2. Phone Cases

Your mask isnt the only way you can show off your love for watermelons. These cute and summery phone cases are great for not only stopping your phone from getting scratched but are also a great way to accessorize your outfit. They are prefect for summer too and come in many different designs!

Shop case 1

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3. Accessorize Your Pet

I have to admit, I think this is my personal favourite of the many different ways to incorporate watermelons into your life. I'm not usually the type of person to suggest dressing up your pet but I think this one has to be an exception. Now of course this one requires that you have a tortiose but there are also collars for cat and dog collars amongst many other watermelon themed pet items.

Shop this delightful tortioise cozy here


4. Press On Nails

Now I don't know about you but I have missed getting my nails done during lockdown. Press on nails are a great way to feel like you have had your nails done for only a fraction of the time and the cost. These ones (you guessed it) are watermelon themed! 


Shop here!



5. Fan

Fans are not only a fun accessory but are actually very useful. Great for whipping out by the pool or in a queue on a hot summers day to keep yourself cool. They can be used as a prop for dancing or simply for dramatic effect (I've always wanted to sassily pull out a fan before walking away I must admit). They are also great for drying down liquids such as setting spray when applying makeup too.



Get your watermelon fan here!


6. Beach Accessories

If you decide that you are going to jet off on a holiday abroad this year, or maybe you're simply popping to your local beach for the day Big Mouth Inc are very well known for making fun beach accessories from pool floats to beach towels and even rubber rings for you drinks. Here are our favourite watermelon inspired beach accessories to make you the most stylish person around! You also won't lose your spot on the beach with this obvious towel!


Purchase the beach blanket here!

Click here to get your hands on the giant watermelon pool float


7. Multi use pots

I love a pot. Whether its to hold makeup brushes, pens, hair bands or even just random things I find thoroughout the house a statement pot is welcomed with open arms. I personally love these ones from etsy with the silver band running through the design! You could also put plants in them, very multi use!


Shop watermelon plant pots!


8. Pinata

Summer parties may not have been a thing this year but now that we are able to socalise with more people why not add a pinata to your bbq? Filled with sweets even if you just play it with two of you you'll definitely be rewarded! 


Shop the pinata here!


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