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Weekend Escape: Digital Detox

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Tired of the relentless flicker of your laptop screen? Exhausted by the never-ending stream of updates across the multiplicity of devices littering your handbag? Struggling to recount what it really meant to feel relaxed? Then you might be in need of the restorative pleasures of a digital detox. A digital detox is much more than leaving your iPad untouched for a night on the bedside table. Or even forgoing the urge to check your email as soon as you wake. It’s a chance – and a challenge - to step entirely into the unknown, leaving the safety net of your digital life behind. This year, why not experience a life free from the flickers of digital information, and embrace the space and freedom that comes with a life temporarily unplugged? Read on to discover some of our favourite locations for the perfect digital detox break.   Three Camel Lodge – Gobi Desert Located, quite literally, in the middle of nowhere, this place might not on first glance seem like the ideal location for a healing digital detox experience. But as the sun sets in a dazzling array of colours behind the peak of Bulagtai Mountain, as stars sparkle across a velvet sky, and the comforting surrounds of your traditional ger tent provide the perfect place to relax in between your desert adventures, you’ll find that the break from digital tyranny is much more than being restorative. It’s addictive. In fact – you’ll find yourself hard pressed to return to the digital world again.   St Vincent & the Grenadines Sparkling turquoise waters rippling beneath the sun. Cashmere soft sands, and a delight of exotic creatures beckoning you beneath the water’s surface. With some of nature’s most exquisite beauty all around you, the once-nagging thought of catching up on social media updates might soon find itself slipping by the way side. To help you make the most of it, you can even “de-tech” by handing in your electronic devices upon check in, while a life-coach stays on hand to help you take the next steps to transform yourself. [caption id="attachment_266" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Praia nas Tobago Cays em St. Vincent & Grenadines[/caption]   The Sanctuary – Koh Phangan  Thailand’s superlative digital detox destination, The Sanctuary, sums up all that you might ever look for in a restorative break. A landscape that rivals Eden for natural beauty and serenity, tantalising and nourishing food to feed all of your senses, and unspoilt sea views, backed by verdant emerald rainforest. But most of all, it offers a chance to absorb a different kind of luxury altogether – the opportunity to soak up the laid back charm of the resort, and step away from a life of distraction. Instead, every second will compel you to be present – to awake, wide eyed, and revel in the breath-taking beauty that surrounds you.   Will you embrace a digital detox this year? Whether it’s through small steps or grand gestures, we’d love to know what you think! Share with us in the comments below.

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