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What Does All Gender Fragrance Mean?

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There used to be a time when women would smell like women and men would have the typical scent of a man. Remember? Today we know that the lines between male and female scents have long been blurry, which is why here at S&B we do not believe in gender conformities, nor stereotypes or any other limitations. A revolution of gender-neutral fragrances is here and we absolutely love being a part of it! Shay & Blue is about allowing you to be able to fully express yourself in all your diversity. Welcome to a time where real fragrance is created for real people!

Individual and authentic
So, then what exactly does ‘All Gender Fragrance’ mean? There is only one easy answer to this quite complex question: It means to be playful with the combinations and blends you wear. All our scents have different notes with a million interpretations, making each one a special and unique experience in the moment it touches your skin. And while some more feminine and other more masculine notes might appear at some point in the ingredients we use, the fun part was for us to mix them into something that is gender-neutral: Something that will create an individual and authentic experience on each of your skins through its natural pheromones.

Those sweet florals are not exclusively for women anymore, and the same goes for woody scents and men alike: The most important trait of a fragrance should be that is makes you feel good and smells nice on you. Or why else would you wear it, right?

So, go ahead and explore our variety of all-gender fragrances. The best part? Share your perfume with your partner and see how it works for each of you.

Here fragrance expert and influencer @bigbeardbusiness talks about his three favourite Shay & Blue fragrances for all genders.

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