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Why Do Some Fragrances Attract Us?

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You probably already know this one, but in case you are wondering, it’s true: Even the way we fall in love with each other can be explained purely by science. It’s proven that scents attract us, and pheromones, which are basically scented sexual hormones, are everywhere. Even when not wearing any perfume, we are always covered in our very own scent that might attract the people around us – for better or worse. It’s shown that scent alters our mood, reminds us of people and places, brings up old memories and can even change our mental, and physical state. And while some fragrances act for us like a cupid, others might do the opposite. However, as a matter of fact, scents certainly have a vast impact on how we perceive things and, especially, people. We may connect a certain smell with positive emotions and old memories – like the scent of freshly cut grass might remind you of your childhood when you were playing in the garden while your dad was cutting the lawn. So it comes that scents that we are familiar with give us a feeling of safety. And this phenomenon starts as early as when we are in the womb of our mothers. The amniotic fluid the baby is learning to breathe with has the same scent as the mother’s sweat a couple of days after birth. This is not merely a survival method for the baby so it can easily find its way back to the mother, but also the mother’s scent will be its absolute favourite for a long time. It will calm and relax the baby, just like on the other hand, the baby’s smell is being adored by its mother. This is also why keeping mother and baby very close to each other right after birth is so important. It is the first time we ever fall in love in our lives. There are those smells that have positive effects on us. But what happens when you go to the mall and suddenly the person next to you is wearing your ex’s perfume? It can easily put you in a bad mood, when reminding you of that person who you really don’t want to think of or remember in that moment. Studies unveil that actually though women are more likely to fall for a scent than men are. Men are said to be more driven by the visual, rather than scent, especially when it comes to sexual attraction. However, scent always somehow plays a role. It is scientifically proven that the scent of vanilla for example serves as a natural aphrodisiac and is said to attract especially men to women. So does the smell of lilies and other florals. Quite intense floral scents remind most people of their grandmothers though. On the other hand, women are said to be much attracted to musk scents which have a romantic, indulgent side to them. And while there are a million scents and fragrances that each end up having different effects on the one wearing them, the key to attracting one another is a mix of the right scent and each person’s own natural body odor. In the end, when we feel good and we think we smell nice, we should be able to attract the right person into our lives. Which is the scent that attracts you to a person? What kind of odor brings up good old memories? < a href="">Find our most seductive scents here >

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