By Becca Brown

Show Yourself Some Love (You deserve it)

Here at Shay and Blue we know how hectic life can get, sometimes you barely have time to eat, let alone practice that illusive self-care routine you've been promising yourself since 2020. Well, we are strong believers in self-love, whether it's a cheeky nap when no one's looking, chocolate for breakfast (sorry not sorry) or finally buying those shoes you've had your eye on for months. 2022 is the year to make time for you, and there's no time like the present right?

With that in mind, we've collated a list of our favourite ways to show self-love. Treat the most important person in your life to some little acts of kindness and watch yourself glow from the inside out.

Digital Detox - Whilst we all fall victim to a doom scroll every now and then, you'll be surprised how much some phone free time can benefit your mental health.

Take yourself on a date - Set aside an hour or two to take yourself out for coffee, maybe even buy yourself some flowers. You deserve to be spoiled.

Food for thought - Take some time to cook a delicious meal (glass of wine in hand is EVEN better in our humble opinion) Not only will your bod’ welcome it, the process of taking that time for yourself will really help you switch off and relax.

Nature IS nurture - Whether it's a walk in the park, some yoga in the woods or simply ten minutes of peace and quiet in the garden. Surround yourself with nature and let the feeling of peace take over.

You can't beat a bath - Indulge in the full routine. Bubbles, candles, lotion and layers of your favourite fragrance. 

Photo by Hanna Postova on Unsplash

Dance like no one's watching - all clichés aside, believe us it works. Zone out and boogie to your favourite song (the cheesier the better)

So self care doesn't have to be complicated, no big gestures here just little acts of kindness to yourself can make a big difference, and If you want to spoil yourself why not try our exclusive new Atropa Belladonna Duo, a 100ml fragrance and 250ml lotion for just £55 online now for a limited time only.