By Anna Gerlach

Subcultures inspiring us this spring

Here we are. It’s spring 2021. It’s getting hotter, and we’re about to crash it with our new outfit inspiration. Seems like we’re all set to get out again, get inspired, and breathe in this fresh air of newness! 

Here are our top 3 subcultures that we feel like are 100% worth embracing this season!


Welcome back to the 90s, baby! Grunge culture was booming, especially between 1895-1995. A big trend today seems to be all about reminiscing of old subcultural trends and embracing them in a new, fresh light of the 21st century where smartphones and social platforms rule our world. 

However, Grunge is pretty much the opposite of this fake social world. Instead it appeals to going back to the past. Indulging in sounds of electric guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals, while reflecting about mental health issues such as alienation, self-doubt, abuse, neglect, betrayal, social and emotional isolation, psychological trauma and a desire for freedom is what the Grunge community is well-known for.

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Going outside and doing sports within the beauty of nature has been one of the main activities to keep to together during the past few months! Living in our leggings and sports bras, we simply love to keep fit, healthy and full of energy! Whether we smash it during our Youtube yoga session, or our daily run through the park: The Athlete culture has given us strength, endurance and a whole new dimension of mindfulness

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Welcome to the world of wanderers, adventurers, or vagabonds! Modern Bohemianism is all about nature, sustainable and slow living, as well as a conscious mind whenever we purchase things - online or in the supermarket. It’s about all the things we are craving to embrace, speaking of free love, a simple life with happiness and purpose being at the forefront.

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With which subculture can you identify best?