By Becca Brown

The importance of scents in a relationship

We believe that your sense of smell is your most powerful sense, as it is the sense that is linked the closest to your memories and your emotions. Scent has the power to make your body react to a decision before you’ve even perceived what is happening. Simply put, this is because your sense of smell is directly linked to the limbic system in the brain which is the most primitive part that controls your feelings and memories. That’s why a scent that you haven’t felt since you were a child may still feel sharp and familiar, or why a scent you really like can deeply affect your wellbeing and mood.

Can we thereby consider this sense as something of an emotional captain? An unexplored and discreet superpower that affects both you and your environment subconsciously, more than you think? The more scientists learn about the complex sense of smell, the more it seems like this is the case.

The way our bodies smell even seems to play a part in our choice of partner. Scents dictate the choices we make about which people we choose to surround ourselves with – and whom we avoid. Scents make us feel and remember, and can affect your presence in any given situation. It may also be the reason why “smell dating” has appeared as a method of finding the one for you. 

When the scent just clicks

We can agree that nothing smells as attractive as the person that is a perfect match for you, and in fact, one often (consciously or subconsciously) feels attracted to a person whose genes are different to their own due to the non-scented substance pheromones that person exudes. In other words, our nose helps us make the choice of which partner to procreate with to ensure a good set of genes.

In addition to the biological aspect, there is something magical about the power that scent can have in provoking strong feelings of hate, disgust or attraction. Everyone knows the feeling of being soothed by or attracted to the scent of your partner. Notice how some bury their noses in their partners hair and how others can’t stop smelling their t-shirt. Couples have long witnessed how fragrance chemistry affects their love and lust.

For this reason, your partner’s smell is just one more prism in the kaleidoscope we recognise as love and attraction. It’s an invisible language that transcends from your skin to the depths of your brain, delighting you and boosting your feelings of well-being, balance, and happiness.

When you smell your loved one’s T-shirt, jacket, or another garment, you feel they’re closer to you. It makes you remember them and your shared feelings and experiences. It’s not a fetish, it’s just something that gives you pleasure. Furthermore, this has now been endorsed by science. A recent study suggests that your partner’s smell has a relaxing effect on your brain. In fact, it can even help you fall asleep.

So with that in mind, we've never been more convinced of the importance of fragrance. Not only for surface level reasons and just feeling great but deeper than that, for health, wellbeing, and possibly even finding the one. What better reason to start your fragrance journey with Shay & Blue and our clean, vegan, planet friendly fragrance.


Image by:  Photo by freestocks on Unsplash