By Isobel Hush

Do Fragrances Change In Different Climates

One of the many questions that we always get asked is "Why does my fragrance smell different when I am on holiday" and today is the day we finally explain it all to you. If you haven't already read one of our previous blog posts about why fragrances smell different on different people then we highly recommend you read that after this one, you can find the blog post here. But now we will talk you through all the science behind why your fragrance may change based on the climate you are in. 


First of all, your fragrance isnt changing. Stick with us here. The scent in the bottle is staying excatly the same no matter where in the world you are, what you are actually smelling is the fragrance performing differently due to the changes in your skin because of the weather. The only time your fragrance will change in formulation is either with age or if you are not storing it correctly which could lead to some notes going off, this again is another blog post which you can find here!


How Temperature Affects the Way Perfume Smells

The same way you wouldnt wear a sun dress in the winter wearing fragrances that are not appropriate for the climate doest make all too much sense. So, one thing to note is that fragrance needs heat to work, this doesnt need to be 30° by a pool sipping a margarita (although that would be nice) it is simply your body heat that will project the scent. However, if you are in 30° weather you will probably find that the notes of your fragrance are intensified.


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Hot weather heightens the notes while cold weather makes it harder for them to evaporate. Once applied to your skin perfume begins to either absorb and evaporate, this leads to a change in how the fragrance will smell. The citrusy, peppery, herbal, and fruity notes are noticed first, then musks, ambers, and woodsy notes. The temperature of your skin and the air affect the rate at which the molecules evaporate and dissipate, and this affects the way the perfume smells.


Sweat Your Fragrance Away

Another way you may feel your fragrance is changing is through its lasting power. Some fragrances unfortunately could disappear into thin air the moment the hot weather hits, this is to do with the sweat your body is producing. Sweat and fragrance do not go together. While there isn't much you can do about your body's natural reaction to heat there are some ways that you can make your fragrance last longer from applying it to clothing and in your hair to storing the fragrance better. Once again, that is a whole other blog post which can be found here


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How To Pick The Right Perfume

If you find that your fragrance is fading too fast it may be down to the concentration. A simple boost of the strength may give it the lasting power you are looking for. Buying Eau De Parfum, Eau De Toilette, Concentrate or any other type of fragrances that come inbetween can change the amount of time the fragrance lasts. Fragrances are usually made with a mixture of alcohol, water and scented oils. However, certain formulas contain higher levels of these scented oils, making the scent stronger and more likely to last longer on the skin.

Eau De Parfum has a stronger concentration of fragrance oils compared to lighter Eau De Toilette formulas and Concentrate is stronger than both, for instance, so they are likely to be smelt for longer.  You may also notice the difference in price when shopping for different strengths. The higher volume measurements of perfume oil in the formula will mean that the scent lingers is more likely to linger for longer and will cost more to produce.


Choose The Right Base Note

 Just as you choose cosier clothing in the winter you can do the same with your scent. The base notes are the longest lasting elements of a fragrance, so scents with deeper base notes such as vanilla, musk and wood are known to last longer on the skin and linger once the top notes have disappeared. Don't forget you can also layer fragrances, we recommend layering lots of our fragrances. One that comes highly recommended by our founder Dom is Blackberry Woods and Scarlet Lily. Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think! 


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While not all fragrances have specific seasons they are better for many fragrances do. You may find that you have some signature summer scents which are more floral and light or citrusy and in the winter you change to heavier, spicier and woodier scents. If so, you are not alone. Many people have multiple different fragrances that they swap between in the same way you would swap your summer and winter wardrobes. It is simply up to you when these fragrances get changed.


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