• Home Fragrance 101

    Home Fragrance 101

    Your space is more important now than it has ever been. With a majority of us spending 24/7 in our homes is is key that the areas we are in bring us as much happiness as possible. Switching up the...

  • Halloween Makeup Looks Perfect For Your Next Zoom Call

    Halloween Makeup Looks Perfect For Your Next Zoom Call

    We've all been there, your 9th zoom call of the week and its only Wednesday so why not make things a bit more interesting? With halloween coming up its time to have some fun with your look, take some inspiration...

  • Second Hand September

    Second Hand September

    The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. It is responsible for climate change, carbon emission, and plastic pollution. Only in the US, an average citizen throws away 37kg of clothes every year, 85% of which...

  • Shay And Blue Gift Sets

    Shay And Blue Gift Sets

    By now you have probably seen our guides Gifts For Everyone For Under £35 and Gifting On A Budget - Goodies For Under £20. Today we're filling you in on everything from £35 to £55! Incase you didn't know, our last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery is Friday 18th so be sure to get your orders in before then! Take a look at everything Shay and Blue can get you for £55 or under!


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