In everything we do. We create products that amplify your personality creating infinite possibilities to be always true, to you.

We create innovative single-minded fragrances using real ingredients crafted with heart and humanity. Good for you. Good for us. Good for the planet.

Spreading fun and fragrance to every corner of the World one squirt at a time. Spray a little happiness and find your true-self with fragrances designed to be fun, fast and frivolous.

  • Natural Spray Fragrance

    We use carefully selected 🌎 planet friendly ingredients to revive the forgotten ways of artisan perfumery. Hand made in London our fragrances are certified organic 🌱, vegan, cruelty free 🐰and clean.

  • Bath & Body

    Rich and generously mousiturinsing our bath and body products are free from nasty ingredients including: Sulfates SLS and SLES, Parabens, Phthalates and more.

All About You

Great fragrance for all the people! There are no genders here, nor categories or stereotypes. We are fragrance for the fruity, floral, spicy and woody whoever you are. Have fun.

  • Dom De Vetta

    Yogi, Activist and Creative Director, Dom started his love of fragrance over 20 years ago in the houses of Chanel and Jo Malone. Since leaving the world of over sexualised stereoptypical perfume brands, he leads our vision for fun fragrance.

  • Our Nose

    Julie Massé is Shay & Blue’s perfumer, also known as ‘the nose’. For Dom, Julie was the obvious choice. His search for a perfumer with flair, passion and personal warmth ended as soon as he discovered Julie.

  • Rebels at Heart

    We are a small team of 7. We are rebels inside. With heart & mind. We demand: Clean. Fragrance. Now. We are Rebels with a cause! We fight cheap nasty ingredient-fillers, animal cruelty, toxic waste and plastic packaging. We demand: Bold. Different. Better.

All good. All the time.

  • Cruelty Free

  • Inclusive

  • Vegan

  • Sustainable

Ask us some stuff

Exactly that, good for you and your body. Free from nasty ingredients we always match Sephora's 'no to' list.

Many brand still use animal by-products to manufacture fragrances. You should ask them why!

Fragrance is more about a mood and a personality, not what you look like. Shop our stuff free from the labels and stereotypes.

Hell yeah! Although sometimes we smash a few naturals together to make the stuff like charred wood and leather. We call this synthesis.

Erm, no. Just a tiny team of 7 taking on the world. Dom started the brand 10 years ago to offer fun fragrance for everyone.

So we grab our fragrance oil from France and let it sit in big containers in North London before we bottle it and box it ready to ship from our warehouse in Bournemouth.


Want to stock awesome fragrance that's clean, cruelty free and suitable for all?