By Zara Truman

Smell Your Way To Happiness

Our Guide To Smelling Your Way To Happiness

Scents send signals to our limbic system, which is the sector of the brain that controls memory and emotion. According to a 2011 study conducted by Masahiro et al, positive emotions, which can be elicited by certain fragrances have been proven to lower stress levels and improve overall mental outlook. 

This mix of scent, memory and emotion explains why smells have the power to influence our moods and psychological wellbeing and why leading creators of ambient air care products rely on fragrances to evoke certain responses among consumers.

One of the most interesting aspects of how scent affects mood is the many different ways that these scents can achieve the end result: increased happiness for you. Because of this mechanism, different scents provide different benefits, which depends on both the makeup of the scent itself as well as the mood-boosting benefit you’re looking for.

Floral Fragrances are best known for promoting feelings of happiness and lessening symptoms of anxiety. We have created an S&B Floral Edit so that you can "Smell your way to happiness"

 Amber Rose 100ml Fragrance

  • Top Note - Rare and feminine May rose from Grasse
  • Heart Note - Delicious dulce de leche with sweet milk notes
  • Base Note - Fine white amber

Scarlet Lily 100ml Fragrance

  • Top Note - Lotus blossom will freshen and brighten the floral bouquet
  • Heart Note - Scarlet ariadne lily and ylang ylang add a modern edge
  • Base Note - Amber creates a warm gentle finish

Tallulah's Camellia 100ml Fragrance

  • Top Note - Crisp & elegant Bluebells
  • Heart Note - White flowers of Gardenia and Lily
  • Base Note - Tempting warmth of white tea and wood

Atropa Belladonna 100ml Fragrance

  • Top Note - Mesmerising dark cassis berries draw you in
  • Heart Note - Narcotic blooms of white narcissus and jasmine
  • Base Note - Sultry warmth of patchouli and bourbon vanilla