By Isobel Hush

How To Choose A Scent For Someone Else

When purchasing fragrance for someone else there are a lot of things that need to be considered. Whether you are buying for a specific occasion or simply want to give your friend a gift here are some ways to help you choose what fragrance will be right for them. 


Do some research

Do you know what fragrances they already like? Do they fill their home with lavender incense? Do they prefer spicy foods to sweet treats? Look into the smells they love and the scents they regularly wear, then explore this fragrance family. A person’s daily routine can also influence your decision, too. If they work in an office, choose a fragrance that isn’t too overpowering. Or if they’re into sports, an invigorating citrus smell will hit the spot. 


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Use our fragrance consultations to help you out here, if you already know 2-3 of their go-to scents (or even if you don't!) then we can help you find a fragrance that will be right for them! Also think about what you want them to use the fragrance for, if you're purchasing for a friend maybe leave the sexy date night fragrances to their partner but if you're shopping for your partner then thats a whole different story. 

If your friend likes to change the scent they use frequently then consider buying a 10ml or 30ml bottle instead of an 100ml one. If you are seriously torn between scents or simply don't know where to start we recommend our sets. The sets can range from 2-5 fragrances and means you look like you made a lot of effort. Even if really you werent sure where to start, so you gave them a box of many different fragrances so they can figure it out on thier own!


Pick a brand

If you really don't know where to start simply pick a brand that either you like (or if you know that they like them too that is definitely a bonus!). The brand will usually have a list of their current best sellers, this will give you some idea of what a large amount of people love from the brand. From there you can go onto the individual fragrances and see more information about them, picking ones that sound like something your friend would wear. 


If in doubt keep it light

Our Lites range is a great way to get to know the brand, as Eau de Toilettes they aren't as strong as Eau de Parfum and therefore won't last quite as long. However our Lite range definitely does last! All of our fragrances are unisex so no matter who you are buying for you are bound to find a scent they will like. Fresh scents usually seem to be the most popular as people associate it with cleanliness so this is always a good place to start!


Body and hand products

If you already know their favourite scent from a brand and can't find something similar that you think they will like make sure you look into other products that could be made from that fragrance. Some of our best sellers at Shay and Blue are Blood Oranges, Atropa Belladonna, English Cherry Blossom and Black Tulip. You can find all of these fragrances (plus a few others) in our hand and body ranges. Plus your friend will always need a body wash!!


Gift sets or samples

If you have gone through all these steps and you are still completley lost on where to start always look for gift sets or sample sets. With gift sets the recipient will be able to try out multiple different fragrances or different products from your chosen brand and with samples you are able to let them choose their favourites with the idea that you will purcase a full sized bottle for them of whichever fragrance they choose. This leaves the decision down to them and takes the pressure off of you!



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