By Isobel Hush

How We Are Environmentally Friendly As A Business

What does being an environmentally friendly business mean?

Being environmentally friendly simply means that in every step possible we are using processes that are kind to the environment. Whether this is from how we source our ingredients to the bottles and packaging we use. We are continuously reviewing our options and finding new ways we can improve our business with the goal of being plastic free in the future. 

What is our process? 

  1. Ingredient Search. We source the highest quality sustainable materials and import them from our suppliers in Grasse in the South of France, still home to the best fragrance ingredient know-how in the world. Dom and Julie visit every year to grade the harvest - hand-picked May rose, jasmine in August - and perform batch quality checks.
  2. Oil Extraction. We extract fragrance oil concentrates from the raw materials with a range of traditional methods – extraction, distillation or cold-pressing.
  3. Eau De Parfum Blending. The oils are taken to our artisanal workshop in East London where Rosaline and Raza hand-blend them in small batches of Eau De Parfum concentrate.
  4. Two Stage Ageing. After mixing, first our maturation process means the Eau De Parfum blend is barrelled and left to sit, and second maceration means the oil is mixed with alcohol and distilled water and left to sit again. Maturation and ageing vary batch to batch, generally taking over a month for full depth and richness.
  5. Filtration and Bottling. Remaining plant particles from the naturals in the oils are filtered from the perfume blend, and our smoky blue bottles are filled on site. Each bottle is individually marked with a small-batch number for full traceability.
  6. Controlled Storage. The bottles are stored in our facility on England’s South coast in Dorset county under tightly controlled light and temperature conditions to ensure consistency across the batch, overseen by Jackie and Tim.



Are our fragrances natural?

We use naturals and synthetics. Each of our fragrances contains naturals, but using botanicals exclusively is not always possible when making sure our products are free from the bad stuff and kind to the planet. In some instances—sandalwood, for one—using botanicals would mean harming the environment (natural sandalwood is vulnerable). In those instances, we use lab-created synthetics that are safe for skin, many of which are considered natural identicals, because they’re the same as what’s found in nature. It’s the responsible thing to do.

Do we test on animals?

No. Never have and never will! We are cruelty free, PETA certified and proud.


Are our fragrances vegan?

They are indeed! They are also gluten-free. We want to make sure that our fragrances are safe and suit everyone.


What is our view on plastic packaging?

We feel very strongly about our environmental impact, and we are working towards being 99% free of plastic packaging. This year all of our bottles will be produced from plastic alternatives such as glass. However, it is currently not possible to source a non plastic pump to our specification. In order to reduce the impact of this we are developing a dedicated recycling scheme whilst further researching alternative materials such as natural resin.

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