By Isobel Hush

Our Most Underrated Scents

Calling a product underrated is of course not saying that is it nobody's favourite, these fragrances are simply some of our scents that we believe should be talked about more! Now of course every person has their preferences when it comes to fragrance, whether you like woodier, floral, fresh or spiced fragrances is completely your own opinion. If you are looking to try some new fragrances and want some recommendations of scents to try that you maybe haven't heard about before then keep on reading! 

We have featured some reviews of each fragrance, should you wish to see what more people think simply click on the fragrance and scroll down to reviews or check out our TrustPilot page!


Amber Rose

Top of our list for underrated fragrances is Amber Rose, A babe’s favourite. Hand-selected, new season May Rose is blended with white amber and sweet creamy notes. A classic fragrance updated. The new-order of modern romance. While it is a babes favourite this fragrance is actually also popular with guys too. While it features may rose in the top note the delicious heart and base aren't floral and so make for a creamy fragrance. No matter who you are if you like a sweet, smooth fragrance this is definitely one to try!


  • Top Note - Rare and feminine May rose from Grasse
  • Heart Note - Delicious dulce de leche with sweet milk notes
  • Base Note - Fine white amber



"This is a most unusual rose fragrance and not to be confused with 'your ever day rose perfumes' you may have tried in the past. It is very, very beautiful, delicious, I would say and subtle notes of rose coming through develop beautifully as it dries off. On me it's very long lasting as I find all Shay and Blue fragrances, balanced and in harmony with my skin, it totally surpasses all other perfumes." - Julia. 


"This is by far my favorite perfume and it has been so for about 3 years now. Despite the fact that it is predominantly feminine and I'm a man, the most important aspect of the scent is how well composed, balanced and harmonic the blend is. It makes you longing for that extra sniff, which in my opinion is the definition of a succesful fragrance." - Mr Torp.

"I was on a quest to find a new fragrance that would capture the essence of a rose with a unique but elegant twist. A floral with notes that didn't assault my nasal passages but invited a deeper breath to be taken and savoured, if only by me, and yet coupled with warm notes that make you feel embraced. My quest is over." - Nica





Amber Oud Ahad

Second on our list this silky voluptuous, richly opulent amber with rare oud fragrance is kissed with elegant iris and red rose. A sophisticated fragrance bejewelled with intrigue. Head turning narcissism. Again while it may seem like this is a more femanine fragrance this is perfect for all genders (It is also one of the personal favourites of one of the Shay and Blue team!). The fragrance lives in the spiced scent category and comes in a concentrate fragrance so only a few sprays of this are needed to make an impact! Take a look at the reviews below, especially Lady Heli's!


  • Top Note - Royal neroli opens with a honeyed, green top note
  • Heart Note - Iris and red rose for a floral richness
  • Base Note - Labdanum amber and oud wood for a refined finish


"Another excellent product conjuring mysterious eastern aromas. Deep and good sillage." - Mai

"This was an impulse buy after ordering a sample. After the first spray, It hits you with a wave of WARMTH; very rich like a fruit cake dusted with brandy. 15 minutes on, it changes to the most bewitching blend of iris and rose. A powdery gorgeousness is all I can sum up. SO blissful, that I can't do it justice, I'd be happy if these notes went on for hours. Neroli less so, on me. After 3 hours or so it dries down vibrating with oud and amber, with a ghost whisper of rose. If you're not keen on amber then this one is not for you. This is my choice for going out somewhere special . Its very sexy and sensual, and intensely luxurious and oriental, but not so heavy to give you a headache. I have had compliments while wearing it. And, just when I think I can't detect it any more; the rich warm fuzziness wafts up my nose. I'm surprised there aren't many comments about it. Excellent staying power; lasts 24 hours on my skin. Between the 2 Ouds; I plunge for Amber Oud Ahad every time. oh by the way Dom , your scents are so packed with naturals that my cat even wants to lick where I'd sprayed my hands and wrist. So he approves too." - Lady Heli


Blueberry Musk 

Found in our Light Floral fragrance family this fragrance combines fruit and floral effortlessly. The ‘Boo-berry’. Sensual musk, blueberry & orange blossom fused with magnolia and silky cashmere. A sensual fragrance to enchant and entice any boo. 


  • Top Note - Blueberry and orange zest for a sparkling top note
  • Heart Note - Orange blossom and magnolia bring creamy warmth
  • Base Note - White musk and cashmere woods for a silky finish


"This is a beautiful fragrance, suits day time or evening, a very versatile perfume. Its one of my favourites. Would recommend." - Swebb

"I LOVE this scent. I seriously think I might have found a new favourite perfume. Light and fruity is the best way to describe it, however it is a strong scent that lasts all day without being overpowering." - Helen


Dandelion Fig

For those of you that love a down to earth fragrance this is the one for you. Whisper-soft layers of fig and dandelion leaf blended with lemongrass, tomato vine and juniper. A delicate fragrance with edge. Surprisingly fresh, green and modern.


  • Top Note - Fresh dandelion leaf and lemongrass for a touch of heat
  • Heart Note - Tomato vine and juniper provides a zingy counterpart
  • Base Note - Fig adds a naturally earthy base


"I had a sample from somewhere and became obsessed by it, so much so that I HAD to buy a full size. I'm not a girly girl and have always liked slightly masculine scents. An unusual scent that is bound to be noticed." - Wellsie

"This perfume manages not to smell like others in the range. It is fresh and alluring and lasts a long time. I have been trying them all and surprisingly to me this one is my absolute favourite by far at the moment!" - Frankie


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