By Becca Brown

Hot Cross Buns....How do you eat yours?

Easter weekend is upon us, and aside from the obvious anticipation for a four day holiday, its the plethora of delicious food that's getting us most excited here in the Shay & Blue office. 

It goes without saying that we and the rest of the UK plan to consume our body weight in chocolate Easter eggs, but there's one other snack that's an office fave; Hot Cross Buns! The sweet, sticky, fruit filled treats that are traditionally reserved for Good Friday to mark the end of Lent, but with over 20 million being sold during Easter week in the UK, they have become a centre piece for every Easter table be it breakfast, lunch or dinner time.

We asked some of the Shay & Blue team how they choose to devour this tasty tidbit.

Photo by Jasmine Waheed on Unsplash

“Make it cheesey”

I like a traditional HCB but with a twist. I'm from Switzerland and I obviously love Gruyére so I add a slather of salted butter and a generous slice of that. The sweet to savoury combo is delicious.

Best bun: Gails freshly baked ones are a real treat (

Lexi Cappt, Social Media Manager

"Butter with a side of bun"

Honestly, I could eat ten Hot Cross Buns in one sitting, they're so yum. And why mess with perfection? I keep it simple, lightly toasted with a lot (and I mean a LOT) of butter. As close to a 50:50 butter to bun ratio as you can get. 

Best bun: M&S Luxury Hot Cross Buns (£1.50,

Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

"Biscoff for the win"

Far from a traditional choice but I love mine with a liberal slick of Lotus Biscoff spread. It's a real sugar overload but if you can't enjoy a saccharine treat at Easter then when can you? (Pair with a chocolate HCB if you're feeling extra decadent)

Best bun: Aldi Triple Chocolate (

Paul Lumley, Managing Director

"Something different"

This ones not for the HCB purists but I love a flavoured bun. Every year more unusual flavours are coming out and I like to try a few. It's not always successful, there have been a few questionable flavour combinations. But this year my fave so far is the Co-op Spiced Masala and & Chilli Hot bun. Sounds strange but it works.

Best bun: Co-op Spiced Masala and & Chilli Hot (

Emma Stepney, Finance Manager

If sweet and fruity is your vibe then why stop at Easter treats. We've rounded up some of our favourite delicious, and comforting fragrances that'll make you smell good enough to eat.

Spoon drippingly glossy caramel. Caribbean Tonka bean and soft sandalwood meld into deliciously frothy sea salt. A deeply comforting fragrance. So addictive it's illegal.

Blackberry Woods

Dark and sensual like a walk in dew-soaked woods. Glossy berry juice with punk-sharp citrus. A rebel fragrance with heart and mind. The essence of enchantment.


Don’t tease me honey! Playful bursts of clementine freshness flirt with the uplifting bitterness of petitgrain. A fascinating citrus floral keeps you wanting more.
White Peaches
Prosecco-o-clock. White Peaches is the essence of summer. Delicate peach, elderflower and silver birch. A clean, bright and beaming fragrance. Spritz on and enjoy the sunshine.