By Zara Truman

The Psychology Of Scent

Scent & Pscychology 
Do you believe that smell reveals your emotions and memories?
Yes, this is the case believe it or not. When you detect a smell the
olfactory neurons (being at the top of your nose) goes up to your brain
along the olfactory nerve. First, it passes through the olfactory bulb
(processing the smell) which than passes the smell to other parts of the
brain closely connected – the limbic system.
The limbic system is an interesting part of the brain as according to
scientists it plays a major role in controlling your mood, memory, behavior
and emotions. It is also called the ‘old part of the brain’ – do you know
why? Because the first mammals had the same structure.
1. Smell and memory
Smell and memory are closely related to each other. For instance, think of
a smell that evokes you a particular memory: is the smell of watermelons
reminding your summer holidays? Or think of a particular smell of a cake
that you used to have during your family lunches on Sundays? This could
be the case from our fragrance Watermelons or Salt and Caramel.
As we say in French this could be our ‘Madeleine de Proust’ a poetic
reference to the writer Marcel Proust. A french expression used to describe smell, tastes or any sensations reminding you your childhood – emotional memories. For Marcel Proust it used to be a madeleine which recalled his childhood memories, it used to be his aunt giving him the same cake before going to the mass on Sundays. By you think....what is YOUR "Madeleine De Proust?"
2. Smell and Emotions
Beyond the fact that smell is related to memories it also involves emotions and feelings. This is the case of our fragrances – the aim from our fragrances is to choose perfumes that corresponds you and be proud of who you are, it is all about you. These are fragrances for all genders it is all about equality and diversity. 
Also, smell gives you an idea of personalities and also is important when it comes to attraction between two people. You can subconsciously choose your partner. What would be your kind of fragrance? Citrus? Woods? Fruits?