• Empowering Fragrances For Women

    Empowering Fragrances For Women

    This International Women’s Day we’re looking at the empowering fragrances to wear as empowering women. Let’s hear it for all the women out here! Happy International Women’s Day. What better way to celebrate than with a perfume that makes you...

  • The History of Boys & Makeup

    The History of Boys & Makeup

    For the first time in centuries, men wearing makeup is not completely taboo. Thanks to social media and the emergence of male beauty influencers like James Charles, Manny Gutierrez and Bretman Rock, makeup is in the early stages of becoming more gender-inclusive. This concept, however,...

  • A Fragrance for Every Personality

    A Fragrance for Every Personality

    The choice of perfume depends on your lifestyle, your temperament and the occasion. There are perfumes or aromas that become a personal brand. Even if they are not present, that smell will make us remember them. Not everyone achieves this...

  • What is Fragrance Zoning

    What is Fragrance Zoning

    On the one hand, working from home is great. No commute, an endless stream of free coffee and even the occasional lunchtime nap (no judgement here!). On the other hand, however, working from home blurs the lines between personal and professional life, meaning many...

  • A Gift of Love for Everyone

    A Gift of Love for Everyone

    V-day is around the corner and yes, we get it: You might be one hell of a rebel, suck at relationships, are stuck in the friendzone or simply just hate all the commercial fuzz around the annual celebration of romance...

  • Christmas Jumper Edit

    Christmas Jumper Edit

    Christmas jumpers are truly the best thing for December, if you're ever stuck on what to wear simply pop a christmas jumper on and you're ready to go. After having a look through some highstreet and online retailers we have...


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