By Shy Hossieni

Travel Wardrobe: Best Travel Size Fragrances

If you have recently travelled or are planning a getaway trip in the near future, you might have already had questions regarding if you can take your favourite perfumes abroad with you. Here at Shay & Blue we have everything you need from tips and tricks for your travels as well as having you fully covered on supplying your favourite perfumes in travel friendly sizes for a fuss-free getaway.

There is a whole set of rules and regulations surrounding travelling abroad and what is and is not allowed to come away with you. Still unsure? That's okay, lets unravel and break it down together. The biggest question is, can you take perfumes away with you on a plane? The answer is YES! You can take liquids (including perfume) under 100ml on holiday. It's best to check all the limitations that you will have to factor into account when packing your luggage if you want your favourite perfumes to make it on holiday with you.


Packing has got to be one of the least fun parts of preparing for a holiday. The good news is that packing will soon be much less stressful, soon you won't have to stick to the 100ml airport travel liquid limit for travelling with hand luggage. The new liquid container limit will be two litres. Now not all airports are scraping the 100ML limit, some airports are still sticking to the original order.

100ML is the official limit per item! This means you can bring each item that does not exceed more than 100ml each. The deadline for these changes in the UK is June 2024 – so for now, it's best to travel with your minis, until further announcements are made from individual airports. Here at Shay and Blue, we have you fully covered for any liquid limitations by providing your favourite scents in 10ML, 30ML & 100ML. We're talking perfume AND body.


Love your fragrance, your skin and your world all at once with our Body Duo bundle, ideal for travel. We're proud to say that all of our fragrances are cruelty-free, vegan and CLEAN! Start cleaning up your fragrance regime today.

Another option, which not only saves space in your luggage but can also be more practical for yourself is to buy travel friendly perfumes in smaller sizes such as 10ML bottles or to grab travel friendly and reusable atomisers that are available at most local superstores or online. Travel atomisers can easily fit into your luggage and they’re designed to adjust to the changing air pressure to prevent any spills. They’re also refillable, leak-proof and surprisingly affordable. This not only stops any issues with breaking rules for liquid limitations but this will help with the weight of your luggage, after-all, glass bottles are not the lightest.


You MUST place all your liquid products into one 20CM x 20CM clear plastic bag along with all of your other liquids including makeup products, toothpaste, body wash and lotions, and of course your perfumes.
If you don’t want to take the risk of exploding perfume bottles, you can pack scented moisturisers or lotions instead. While moisturisers can also leak and spill, if you’re going to a hot location, you’re going to want to bring a bottle or two with you to make sure your skin isn’t dehydrated or sunburnt. By picking a scented option, you can take care of your skin and keep your fragrance in full swing.
When it is time to put your hand luggage through airport security, you should remove your clear plastic bag which has your liquids in and place it in clear view at security checkpoint ready for security to do their inspections. Most airports have these clear plastic bags ready at the security checkpoint (do check with your airport before travelling).
All of our fragrances are in travel friendly sizes. 100ml for the daily holiday spritz, 10ml for a pocket-size on nights out, and 30ml for light day-time travel and activities!


Written by Beckii Jane