By Paul Lumley

A Gift of Love for Everyone

V-day is around the corner and yes, we get it: You might be one hell of a rebel, suck at relationships, are stuck in the friendzone or simply just hate all the commercial fuzz around the annual celebration of romance and good old Saint Valentine.

Here’s a little reminder that might lighten up the mood: You are not alone in this. Especially today, with a global pandemic making long-distance relationships and meeting new people harder than ever: We just want to remind you that Valentine’s Day is more than just about Romeo and Juliet. 

We’re counting 2021. That means we live in a world where all kinds of love are more important than ever (yes, we are talking to you, LGTBQ community!). Love is here for everyone. And so is St. V. 

It’s much more a day to show appreciation to a special person that you cherish a lot. Whether that’s your partner, your bestie, your dad, or your self, love is a special thing and celebrating it on the 14th February might just be another great occasion to show it to whoever deserves it. 

So who is that special person in your life that you would like to know how much you appreciate them? It’s time to show some love, and why not with a gift that is handmade, cruelty-free and most importantly: For all souls out there. 

We’ve created a little gift guide á la Shay & Blue, showing you our most favourite little luxury gifts that whoever it is you’d like to show some love to, willmost definitely LOVE!

Image via @julesbrander on Instagram

  1. Precious Trio FLORAL - Like The First Day Of Spring


Is it spring yet? ‘Cause this fresh little trio of fine floral scents smells a lot like it. With our fine selection of Amber Rose, Scarlet Lily and our brand new bestseller Tallulahs Camellia, this one is truly one for a person as happy and joyful as the first days of sun & spring.


  1. Precious Trio WOOD - Spreading Confidence


Here is one for your special friend, dad or badass boyfriend who love to wear scents with a character: Fearn leaves and sichuan pepper create the hearty note of our Kind Wood fragrance. Pair it with fresh pineapple and get the perfect irresistible mix. Blacks Club Leather brings in some fire & fierce, and our Oud Alif scent is said to be one of our most seductive ones! Truly a combination for the wild ones - and they surely deserve it.


  1. Precious Trio FRESH - A Delicious Fruit Salad


Who doesn’t like fruit salad? We absolutely do! And while fruity scents can be quite intimidating, ours are especially delicate and natural, smelling just like real fresh fruits. Our favourite must be juicy Blood Orange with balanced notes of sensual hot napa leather, making this one a nice mix of bitter and sweet. Watermelon brings an explosion of freshness to the trio, and our White Peaches fragrance was practically made from the essence of summer. Soft, sweet, and utterly delicious!

So who is your favourite companion? Who do you want to treat this year? Is it yourself, your friend, husband, or a neighbour? Bring them some freshness for a new season with scents for the soul that we are certain of will make their Valentine’s Day a special one.

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