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Colour Your Summer

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Shay & Blue Colour Your Summer Guide
We are introducing the Shay & Blue Colour Your Summer Guide.Find the 2021 colour trends below and our fragrance pair ups! 
  • Yellow is associated with warmth, positivity and sunshine. 
  • Blue is associated with imagination, inspiration, relaxation and sensitivity.
  • Green is all related to nature, tranquility, luck, health and the environment.
  • Orange is associated with flamboyance, determination, warmth and success.
  • Pink is a calming colour associated with love and kindness.
Sicilian LimesBold and mouth-droolingly tangy, with a happy-hour hit of a salty margarita, rosemary and moss. A robust unisex fragrance. Not just for girls. Not just for nights out.
Adventurous #personalityamplified 
Scarlet LilyKick-Ass attitude - strictly off limits for wall flowers. Big Blooms of Scarlet Ariadne lily, a scandalously heady bouquet and undertones of ylang ylang give this fragrance intrigue.
Scandalous  #personalityamplified 
Dandelion FigWhisper-soft layers of fig and dandelion leaf blended with lemongrass, tomato vine and juniper. A delicate fragrance with edge. Surprisingly fresh, green and modern.
Confidence  #personalityamplified 
Blueberry MuskThe Boo-berry. Soft blueberry & orange blossom fused with magnolia and silky cashmere. A sensual fragrance to enchant and entice any boo.
Sensual  #personalityamplified 
Blood Oranges - Lip-smacking burst of refreshingly zesty fragrance underpinned with rich and sensual blend of musk, woods and smoky leather. Truly uniquely unisex any time of the day.
Joy  #personalityamplified 
Mix & Match 
Our Summer Lites Bundle is a great way to mix and match colours and scent! From Unicorn Tears to Mermaid Kisses - The 10ml bottle is a perfect size to assist you on your summer outings. With freedom all around us, maintaining your colour and scent pairing has never been so important as it is this summer.

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