By Becca Brown

Screw it let's do it

Summer is finally here, festival season is upon us, lunch break chatter has turned to holidays and after work mojito’s and the smell of suncream is lingering in the air.

And with our favourite sunny season comes the overwhelming urge to be free, to adventure and to live life to the fullest. Say "Screw it, Let's do it" to all those long awaited plans and head off into the sunset, carefree.

So whether it's an all-inclusive getaway, reminiscing and reliving the best Glastonbury ever or looking forward to a summer of frosés in the garden, we’ve got the perfect scent to compliment your summer plans.


Body-drenching watermelon freshness with a hose-full of green mandarin and cut grass. Think frolics on the beach and fruity cocktails, this fragrance screams “Summer loving happened TOO fast”


Bold and mouth-droolingly tangy, with a happy-hour hit of a salty margarita, rosemary and moss. For the wild at heart, this fragrance is perfectly suited to those who love to just pack a bag and fly the next day with spontaneity and adventure at its core.



Lip-smacking burst of refreshingly zesty fragrance underpinned with rich and sensual blend of musk, woods and smoky leather. Truly uniquely unisex any time of the day, Blood Oranges will bring a spring to your step and joy into your summer days.


Roll this one over into the night, for evenings spent dancing til dawn or sipping wine in a dusty Taverna. Blueberry Musk is sensual and enchanting for those long awaited, magical Summer nights.