By Isobel Hush

The Autumn Edit 2020

We love changing up our fragrances as often as we change our clothes, choosing a different fragrance every day is part of our getting ready process. If you are someone that likes to change up their scent whether this is based on the day, your mood or the season we are in then this is for you. If you don't know where to start when it comes to Shay and Blue's Autumn fragrances then we are here to help! Whether you're purchasing as a gift or as a treat to yourself these are our must try autumn scents. And remember, all of our fragrances are unisex so feel free to share with your friends, family or partner!


Blackberry Woods

Our newest fragrance. Launching at the beginning of this year Blackberry Woods is actually designed to be an autumn fragrance. 

Dark and sensual like a walk in dew-soaked woods. Glossy berry juice with punk-sharp citrus. A rebel fragrance with heart and mind. The essence of enchantment.


Atropa Belladonna

One of our most popular fragrances since its launch Atropa Balladonna is a hit no matter what season!

Heady and mesmerising this ‘trippy’ fragrance is not just for Hippies. Cassis berries and jasmine dance with layers of depth from patchouli and vanilla. Undeniably seductive.



Blood Oranges

Opening with a wonderful orange hit before drying down to a musky leather scent Blood Oranges is perfect for the autumn. 

Lip-smacking burst of refreshingly zesty fragrance underpinned with rich and sensual blend of musk, woods and smoky leather. Truly uniquely unisex any time of the day.


Kings Wood

Part of our concentrate range, Kings Wood is a strong scent that only needs a few sprays to leave an impact. 

Unexpected slaps of fresh pineapple with the natural aroma of fearn leaves. Backed with fine leather and English oak. A confident fragrance. Unisex and characterful.

Black Tulip

This smooth, rich fragrance is perfect for the colder evenings. Contrasting notes changing the fragrance as it dries down. 

Decadent as is deadly. Oriental plum flirts with creamy white chocolate and wood. Contrasts of fresh cyclamen with sensual undertones. A day to night fragrance. Pleasure and perfection.

Blacks Club Leather

This dark smoky fragrance is certainly one to get noticed. Leaving trails of leather, wood and brandy wherever you go. 

Rich with the scent of English leather, fire wood and a smooth brandy. A decadent and bohemian fragrance. Inspired by Blacks club of Soho, London.

Amber Rose

While this scent is floral that doesn't mean you can't have florals in autumn, groundbreaking we know. This sweet fragrance is perfect for a more femanine but comforting touch. 

A babe’s favourite. Hand-selected, new season May Rose is blended with white amber and sweet creamy notes. A classic fragrance updated. The new-order of modern romance.

Blueberry Musk

Musk, blueberry and orange blossom, a smooth yet comforting fragrance. 

The ‘Boo-berry’. Sensual musk, blueberry & orange blossom fused with magnolia and silky cashmere. A sensual fragrance to enchant and entice any boo.

Salt Caramel

Cosying up by the fire, the sweet smell of marshmallows toasting on the fire. If you love sweet, warm, comforting scents then Salt Caramel is the one for you. 

Spoon drippingly glossy caramel. Caribbean Tonka bean and soft sandalwood meld into deliciously frothy sea salt. A deeply comforting fragrance. So addictive it’s illegal.

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