By Becca Brown

Top Tips For Carnival 2022

It’s Notting Hill Carnival weekend!!! After 2 cancelled years we finally get to shake and shimmy our way to West London in a joyous explosion of music, colour and flavour.
You’ve chosen your OTT outfit, decided which acts you want to check out and even put some serious thought into how many portions of jerk chicken you can fit in to a single day. But have you thought about the nitty gritty, the practical bits, the nuances that will make the difference between a good day and a brilliant one?
No? Didn’t think so, but we have….so here’s our list of top tips for Carnival 2022 to make sure your experience is even better than expected.

1) Plan your route and factor in plenty of extra time. Believe it or not you’re not the only person planning a journey to West London this weekend. Make sure you know your route beforehand and add in plenty of extra time because it gets EXTREMELY busy and you don’t want to miss out on any of the fun because you’re stuck on a sweaty tube for hours.  

Photo by Glodi Miessi on Unsplash

2) Wear comfy shoes. Obviously the ‘fits are sooo extra and you want to be too. But just remember those poor little feet of yours are going to be putting in some serious miles, go for comfy trainers if you’re in it for the long haul.

3) Eat ALL the food. There are so many options and the Caribbean food is some of the most delicious you’ll ever get your hands on. Don't hold back, try everything you can. It’ll have your taste buds tingling (and help soak up all the rum punch too)

Photo by Jopopz Tallorin on Unsplash

4) Bring plenty of water and sunscreen, boring I know. But you’ll be out in the blazing sun all day and not always have shade available so make sure you’re armed with an ample amount of both.

5) Carry some cash, some stalls are cash only so don’t get caught short.

6) GO BIG OR GO HOME. Carnival is all about excess, colour, fun, dancing and celebration. Don’t hold back. Try and see as much as you can, really get involved and soak up all the culture. It only happens once a year (and on this occasion once in three) so don’t miss out.