By Paul Lumley

3 Step Clean Beauty Swap

Recently, there's been a push for organic products that are environmentally friendly. As a result, more and more people are embracing clean beauty swaps.

Clean beauty is all about making considered choices. It's opting for non-toxic ingredients that are good for you and for the environment.

Transitioning from the typical beauty routine to a clean one can sound a little overwhelming at first, but it’s not as hard as you think. We have three easy and clean beauty swaps that you can use every day.

All-natural deodorant

One of our first clean beauty swaps is changing deodorants. We’re all human and we all sweat. Unfortunately, a lot of antiperspirants contain unlisted chemicals. If you want to clean out your bathroom then this is a good thing to start with.

You can go au natural and not wear any but there is a week’s adjustment period and not everyone has the time or patience for that. If you want something quicker than swap for a non-toxic deodorant. These don't block your pores, and typically contain ingredients that are ideal for sensitive skin.

Reusable cloths

The second clean beauty swap is about make-up removal. Have you ever wondered how many make-up wipes people use on a daily basis? Well, chances are if you ever look in your wastebasket after a typical week, you’ll get the’s a lot!

There's a reason people are ditching makeup wipes. Disposable products like wipes and cotton pads sit in landfill - which is bad for the environment. As convenient as they are to remove foundation, mascara, and eyeshadow - single-use wipes aren't the way forward.

Thankfully, beauty brands are starting to introduce more eco-friendly alternatives to removing makeup.

Using a washcloth is an easy and clean beauty swap! It’s ridiculously simple, absorbs far more than a wipe and reduces bacteria. All you have to do is apply some water and you are good to go.

Avoid heavy fragrances

Of course, we couldn't talk about clean beauty without mentioning Shay and Blue.

Many perfume brands are packed with cheap chemicals that are damaging to your skin. Our products are all-natural and handmade. They're completely free from parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes, nitro musks, aluminium, formaldehydes, petrolatum and paraffin. Plus, all our ingredients are sustainably sourced and packaged with recycled materials.

We obsess over doing the right thing. All Shay and Blue fragrances are vegan and cruelty-free.

Our fragrances are good for you and good for the environment around you. You can choose whatever scent you want from our range knowing that there’s no catch involved.

Find out more about us here.

Replace as you run out

Our advice for making clean beauty swaps is to replace as you run out.  It's admirable to want to switch everything at once, but in the long run, it's easier to manage one at a time.

As you start to run out of your everyday favourites - like mascara, lipstick, shampoo, even toothpaste - start looking into cleaner alternatives.

You might also need to test a few different things. Just like with normal beauty, clean beauty brands are all different. Some you might love, but others not so much.

Making clean beauty swaps takes time, so don't expect your entire morning routine to change overnight! It might sound scary at first, but take it from us, it's easier than you think to switch to a greener, natural beauty.