By Isobel Hush

At Home Spa Day With Shay And Blue

What once might have been a treat that you booked in for once a month (maybe more, maybe less) is now more likely to be done in the comfort of your own home. With lockdown rules still in place and spas and salons being booked up for all the time slots they do have, if they are able to open at all, it is important to remember that you don't have to go out to get the relaxation feeling you crave but that you can simply recreate the experience at home for no doubt much less money. Now we're not saying that you will be getting the full salon experience, unfortunatley we cannot deliver a massage therapist to your door but we have compiled some tips to get you as pampered as possible for the time being. 


First things first, create a zen area

We don't know who you are or what you do other than that you are reading this blog post right now, so we don't know if you live alone and have the luxury of a bathroom to yourself or if you share it with 4 or more other people. The first (and arguably one of the most important steps) is in the preparation If you walk out of your lovely hot bath and go to get into bed and there are clothes and things strewn over the bed and you have to snap out of the relaxation zone before you can continue your night then I hate to break it to you but it was all a bit pointless. 



Start off by clearing the areas you are going to be in. A tidy space = a tidy mind. It also means you wont be staring at the mess while laying in bed with a face mask on thinking that you should really be sorting that out instead. Change your bed sheets, get a fresh fluffy towel out, treat yourself to some new slippers and a dressing gown and set the mood. Set a candle burning (make sure its not a fire hazard first!) and let the aroma fill the air while you go for a soak in the bath.


Next, wash the day away

Whether you had a particularly stressful day, a pretty average one or maybe its been super boring and you are using this as a way to feel like you did something productive, having a bath or shower and washing the day away is a great way to reset. For ultimate relaxation we suggest lighting some candles, dim the lights and put on a good playlist. Meditation apps are a great way to get into a relaxing headspace we highly recommend Headspace and Calm to help you switch off. Fill your bath or wash your body with our English Cherry Blossom Shower Oil - it acts as a milk bath if poured into the bath or can be lathered up as a body wash and let the day melt away. Alternatively we have hand and body washes that are perfect for in the shower!



If you wanted to you could do your face mask whilst in the bath, simply follow the instructions on your chosen mask, lie back and relax. We don't recommend trying a face mask whilst in the shower!


Time to moisturise!

Freshly washed and before you get dressed is the best time to moisturize yourself. We suggest using our range of hand and body lotions which match the scents of our hand and body washes. This way you can smell like Blood Orange or Framboise Noire through and through. 


Put on your comfiest clothes

You're gonna be here for the rest of the night so you should definitley get yourself comfy now. Whether this is some old pjs that make you feel super cosy or a new dressing gown and slippers it doesn't matter. The main thing here isn't how fantastic you look but simply how relaxed you are! Sometimes the old Disney pjs are the best.


Mask it up

Now we know its getting confusign when talking about face masks these days but this time we dont mean the cloth ones. If you haven't already done a face mask in the bath now is the time, grab your favourite mask, put some more chilled out music on and switch off for 15 minutes. Your phone notifications will still be there when you take it off. We even recommend turning your phone off for the evening and simply trying to have a digital detox. 



Dont forget masks arent only for your face, hair masks are a great way to keep your hair healthy and get rid of the split ends. Now spend the rest of the evening lavishing in the calm, zen zone you have entered!

From watching your favourite TV shows to reading a box (again try the digital detox!) however you like to relax is how you should be spending the rest of your night. Don't forget to blow out the candles that you lit earlier and simply relax. 


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