By Paul Lumley

Couples who share a scent - Anna & Alex

At Shay & Blue we make fragrances for all genders. The old rules about who can wear which perfume are O-V-E-R. We say if you love it then wear it. Experiment, enjoy and share if that's your thing. Sharing your scent with your partner, whether they're the same or another gender to you, can be fun and bonding.

Meet Anna & Alex

One couple that loves the new world of all gender perfume are Anna and Alex. These two have been a couple for almost two years. Not only do they share a home, but also their favourite scent. We had a chat with the two London-based expats about their relationship and how sharing a fragrance plays a role within it.

So what's your story guys?

Alex:Anna and I met in Fuengirola, a town that is part of the city of Málaga in Spain. I was born there but she had just moved over from Germany. Neither of us were looking for a relationship at the time, but when we first met in the café where I worked, we just couldn’t resist talking to each other. One year later we both moved to London, another 6 months later we got engaged.

How did you get into sharing your fragrance?

Anna:Alex and I both love wearing perfume! We feel that if you smell good, you feel great, too. But, at some point we just couldn’t smell the intensity of the typical commercial fragrances anymore. We were looking for something that felt more natural but still had good longevity. So, one day I ordered Blueberry Musk by Shay & Blue. It absolutely inspired me from the first moment I wore it, and when Alex smelled my new perfume, he fell for it, too. That’s how we both got into sharing it in the first place.

What are your absolute favourite fragrances and why?

Alex: My absolute favourite scents are those that are not too strong and have a more organic touch to them. I love scents that you don’t smell everywhere; something more unusual and special but not too intense either. I guess mixing woody smells with a touch of floral is what I’d usually go for. How does the same scent smell on each of you?

Anna: So, amazingly the same perfume has a slightly different effect on both of us. When Alex wears Blueberry Musk, it does smell a bit more like musk, while I feel that on me it wears off a little lighter, bringing out the floral elements more.

Why do you enjoy wearing fragrance?


I just love to smell fresh. Taking my morning shower and getting my fragrance on is my daily routine. Without them I feel like I can’t start my day right. Who hogs the bottle?


I’m trying not to, but I guess that has to be me. I mean, usually we just have it in the bathroom. But sometimes I like to borrow it for cases where I want to go out and feel like I need a little more on the way.

Aww how cute are these two! Thanks to @alejandroshamus and @annabiancarose. Photography by @nizzah. And if you share a fragrance with your other half we'd love to hear your story. Tag your Insta posts #SBxMe