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Different Types Of Perfume Strengths

Purchasing perfume, including the different types of perfume strengths, is a very personal decision. Whether as a gift, an expression of love or a little pick-me-up to make a bad day better, perfume is one of those luxuries that everyone loves. But when it comes to the different types of perfume strengths available, and what each means for long lasting scent, there’s more to it than you might think. 

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette? 

Maybe you’re curious about how cologne is different from full-on perfume, or even just scented products. We take a closer look at the difference between those perfume specifications, to examine exactly what the different types of perfume strengths are, and why each option is a popular choice for hundreds of thousands of people to this day.

The different types of perfume percentages

Many people don’t know this, but the name of a perfume is directly defined by the percentage of the scent contained within the solution you purchase. 

We often think of perfume as a complete scent, but it is always mixed with water or similar substances to weaken the overall effect of the smell; 100% pure perfume would be far too strong for the average person, and certainly wouldn’t be suitable for daily wear.

With that in mind, here are the statistics to keep in mind when picking out that next favourite bottle of perfume:


Solid perfume – 20-30%



Solid perfumes are less common than they once were, but this alternative to spritzed-on solutions can still be found for many of the most popular perfume brands out there. 

Solid perfumes have the highest percentage as we typically tend to wear less of it. It’s often applied to critical points in a balm form, and the scent lasts all day without any need to refresh.

For perfume-lovers, solid perfume or extracts represent the strongest sent and more ‘pure’ form of fragrance.

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Extract Parfum – 15-25%

While we tend to refer to the whole range of different scent options as perfume, actual pure Parfum comes at a higher price point than Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette in its various forms. 

Typically in the range of 15-25% concentration, parfum has a strong and lasting scent that’s perfect for those that like to make an impact when they enter a room.

It’s also worth noting that different perfumes can have options in all different concentrations, which may lead to varying levels of notes.

Parfum is generally considered to have the most clarity, but plenty of people prefer a milder option when given a choice.

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Eau de Parfum 8-15%



The most commonly-purchased form of perfume, Eau de Parfum, also known as EDP, is the number one choice for many shoppers. 

It is strong enough to last a long time, while not overpowering with scent. As a mid-range perfume, EDP lasts on the skin for a relatively long time, and you’ll still be able to smell it after a workday, though it might not last through a night out as well.

This option is popular for its slightly lower price point, but luxurious feel, which makes it the ideal mid-point for those looking for something a little special.

Mermaid Kisses Light Scent Spray

Eau de Toilette 4-8%


The weakest of the main range of perfume concentrations, Eau de Toilette is more popular than ever before as more people are enjoying the ability to switch up their perfumes throughout the day. 

Typically, an EDT perfume lasts around 2-3 hours, allowing the user to change up their choice a few times a day.

For those more sensitive to scents, EDT is the perfect compromise; offering a light and enjoyable scent without overpowering the wearer or those around them.


Eau de Cologne 2-4%

While cologne, known as EDC, can vary wildly in terms of different types of perfume strengths depending on its origin and brand, generally this form of perfume – typically worn by men – is far weaker than the traditionally feminine alternatives. 

This also applies to aftershave, which has a softer scent and often more masculine tones to fall in line with its target audience.

Scented products 2-4%

From hand & body products to skincare, scented products generally contain at least a small amount of perfume to produce that signature smell. 

For some brands, skincare alternatives to their perfume scents are available; allowing for a subtle touch that smells great without being too much for more sensitive skin such as the face and hands.

Which perfume strength is the best fit for me?


The kind of perfume that’s the best fit for you is highly subjective, especially when it comes to different types of perfume strengths. 

After all, the world would be boring if everyone liked the same things. But for those looking for a strong scent they can enjoy all day and night, a pure Parfum might be the ideal choice.

For those considering a perfume that won’t break their budget, but still has excellent lasting power, opting for Eau de Parfum might be the ideal choice. For those trying out a new scent, or for an individual more sensitive to smells, Eau de Toilette is the best choice.

The majority of perfume brands offer their scents in different concentrations, allowing people of all budgets and preference to enjoy their signature blend at the percentage they prefer.

If longevity, strength and even the tones of your chosen perfume is important to you, then this guide will provide a little insight to help you make the right choice for you.

Of course, if you’re still unsure, trying out a few samples might be the ideal option – allowing you to apply your nose when it comes to making the right choice for you.

Why do different strengths matter?


One of the most significant benefits of perfume available in different strengths is the ability to choose a perfume that suits a particular situation. 

A very strong perfume, for example, could be the perfect accompaniment to a night out on the town, but too overpowering for dinner at home with the in-laws.

Because of the availability of different strengths, it’s possible to wear your favourite scent in just about every scenario; whether it’s a lower strength for a day in the office or a stronger option for that evening date.

For perfume lovers, it also offers the option of switching your scent throughout the day; especially ideal for those that enjoy matching their scent to their environment down to a tee.

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