By Isobel Hush

How to Pick the Perfect Summer Fragrance?

Scents and perfumes have been used throughout human civilisation, and in modern times they are still an essential part of everyones beauty routine. Choosing the right fragrance can alter your mood, trigger memories and enhance your individuality, but you can’t wear the same scent all year round (no matter how much you love it). While your fashion and beauty routine is important and it changes from winter to summer, so should your choice of smell.

What is the Difference Between Summer and Winter Fragrances

Summer is a time for outdoor adventures, barbeques, cocktail parties and beach activities and your perfume needs to compliment your lifestyle. It’s also important to change scents depending on the season since fragrances are greatly influenced by temperature. Heat causes a fragrance to evaporate faster and project further; this is why summer and winter scents differ.

If a scent is too powerful, it can become overwhelming in summer, so warmer months’ fragrances tend to be lighter and more refreshing, as opposed to winter fragrances which are rich and warm. This season it’s all about fragrances that are cloud-like and airy, like Sicilian Limes - a crisp citrus with a happy-hour hit of a salty margarita, rosemary and moss. Or fresh fruits such as Watermelons - body-drenching watermelon freshness with a hose-full of green mandarin and cut grass. Also choose light florals like Blueberry Musk - Sensual blueberry & orange blossom fused with magnolia and silky cashmere.

What Scents to Avoid During Summer

While light florals are fantastic for summer, there are some florals which you should avoid, as well as any sickly sweet aromas. In summer stay away from heavy floral blends, patchouli, sugary aromas, vanilla and rich orientals

How do You Make Your Fragrance Last Longer in the Summer Heat

You can make your fragrance last longer in summer (when it usually evaporates quickly) by layering products like body lotion or oil, but be careful not to overdo it. For even better results try prepping the skin and be sure to use unscented soaps and lotions so your fragrance is not forced to compete.

How do You Choose a Fragrance That's All About You

When picking out the perfect summer scent, you should try to pick one that suits your personality.There are some basic questions which you can ask yourself before buying a scent that can help you make the right decision, including, who are you buying it for? How often do you plan on wearing it (once in the morning, applied multiple times, only for special occasions?) and what are your favourite smells?

Are you the party girl who loves the spotlight and the nightlife? The shy conservative woman who is wise beyond her years? The romantic who loves classic scents and glamour? Or the boho babe who wants a fresh, breezy fragrance that perfectly compliments her laid back nature? Not sure?

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