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Match Your Makeup To Your Fragrance - Some Of Our Favourite Looks

Now I don't know about you but I am certainly no expert when it comes to makeup. Don't get me wrong I can blend a few eye shadows, i'm talking a few different browns and maybe a sparkle to spice it up. Lets not talk about liner though. I can create cheekbones simply from contour but I am not a cut-crease, fun design, amazing eye look girl. I can dream though. 

We are a brand that encourages you to be you and wants you to have fun and experiment. Whether this is through your fragrance choice, the hobbies you have or the makeup that you wear we want to celebrate all of you! Today we are taking a look at those that are skilled with a makeup brush and show you how to have fun with your look! If you're one of the lucky ones who can recreate these looks then take a look through the pages of the people we are about to show you. They all create amazing looks! 

We are going to have a look at makeup inspired by ingredients that you could find in our fragrances. Just think, you could be rocking White Peaches while having a peach on your face. Don't forget makeup is all about having fun and expressing yourself (even if that is through a simple brown eye look). So take a look at some of the looks that have inspired us..



Perfect for the summer our Watermelons fragrance full to the brim with watermelon, green mandarin, honeysuckle, green tea and crushed leaves as well as vetiver grasses. A refreshing fragrance with a green twist. Here are some refreshing makeup looks inspired by watermelons..


See more of makeup_bymazzitelli 's looks!

Take a look at samiasvanity 's other looks!


See more looks by phangmua !



Click here to see more by by_camila_castillo



Bold and mouth-droolingly tangy, with a happy-hour hit of a salty margarita, rosemary and moss. Our Sicilian Limes fragrance definitely packs a punch! Take a look at some bold makeup looks inspired by limes!


Take a look through sara_fris66 's other looks!


You can find more of tiegannereis 's work here!



Found in three of our fragrances lemon adds a refreshing citrus twist to a fragrance and also to an eye look! Check out Blackberry Woods, Dandelion Fig and Unicorn Tears to get your hit of lemon and check out the artists below to see how you could add a bit of zing to your makeup!

Take a look through 's work!


See more looks by


Have a look at what else sapphiremiles_ has done!


Obviously our Blood Orange fragrance is full to the brim with orange as is Beckii's look below!

Take a look at more makeup looks by beckii_jx


Peach is often seen as a soft scent, used only in our White Peaches fragrance to give you the essence of summer! Take a look at some not so soft peach looks below!

Take a look at more looks by makeupbylenda



See more looks by samiasvanity



Strawberry isn't currently used in our fragrances but never say never! These makeup looks were simply too cute to miss out on including in this post, who doesn't want strawberry freckles afterall? 

Have a look through other looks by by_camila_castillo



You can see more of pippathundow 's work here!

Mermaid Kisses

Now this one is a bit different and doesnt focus on a particular note but simply a fragrance overall. You guessed it - Mermaid Kisses - We think you should embrace whoever you want to be and that is why we partner with on our Mermaid Kisses fragrance. Mermaids help families dealing with gender diversity. Whether you want to look like a mermaid or simply smell like one this is the fragrance and makeup look for you!

See more looks from t.rinluck


We encouragr creativity here at Shay and Blue and we also use real fruits, flowers and spices in our fragrances Clearly Gregory also got the memo and decided to use real flowers for his makeup look!

More looks by hellogregoryofficial can be seen here!



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