By Isobel Hush

Halloween From Home - Let's Celebrate!

You might be locked inside, you might not. Either way Halloween is still an event that should be celebrated! While this might not involve going to strangers’ houses and rummaging through piles of sweets that other people have had their hands all over (trust me, that would be a really bad idea!) it doesn’t mean that the celebrations are off.

Falling on a Saturday and also a full moon – 2020 is a weird one isn’t it -  celebrating the spooky season is the ideal way to spend your weekend. Just beause it has to be socially distanced fun doesn’t mean it will be boring we just have to be creative with our ideas! If you are looking for some inspiration then here are 12 ways you could celebrate Halloween in a safe yet spooky way..

1 Taste test all the best Halloween treats 

From sweets to chocolates to biscuits shaped like pumpkins you have to admit food is one of the main highlights of the Halloween period. Set up a blind taste test within your house. Give the treats scores or turn it into a trick or treat game, will you be getting the nice pumpkin shaped sweet or the actual pumpkin? Who knows in the trick or treat games!


2 Carve pumpkins




Is it really Halloween if you haven’t carved at least one pumpkin and instantly regretted it the moment you remember you have to scoop out all of the insides? I think not. Grab a pumpkin each and start carving, either free-hand or stencil from a design online, best pumpkin wins a prize! We’ll let you decide what that could be.


3 Have a scary movie marathon

Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown are great to get you in the Halloween mood, but you should spice it up with some seriously scary movies if you're into that kinda thing. The classics are a good place to start...but don't say we didn't warn you!


4 Make a festive cocktail

Bottoms up, witches! Halloween calls for a boozy drink for all those legally allowed to. See how many orange or Halloween inspired cocktail recipes you can find and do a taste test. Maybe pick yourself up some cauldrons from the shops and use these instead of cups.


5 Wear your costume—yes, still!



Just because you're at home doesn't mean you shouldn't step out in your funniest, spookiest, or cutest costume. Whether this is a simple idea such as being a cat or is recreating one of the makeup looks in our last blog post be as fun or as basic (b)witch as you want!


6 Play Halloween music nonstop

There's never a bad time for a dance party, and streaming services like Spotify always curate Halloween playlists that feature throwbacks like "Thriller" and newer jams like "Midnight City." Of course we can never forget the monster mash on Halloween either.


7 Prepare a Halloween dinner



Find as many Halloween recipes as possible such as these Jack-O'Lantern stuffed peppers and cook to your hearts content.


8 Host a virtual party

Zoom and Google Hangouts have become the norm for holidays this year, so send out that invite link and tell people to mark their calendars. Bonus points if everyone wears a costume for a virtual costume party—or makes a Halloween-appropriate treat to enjoy on the call!


9 Decorate the house



Nothing will get you more in the Halloween spirit than decking out your house in all things black, orange, and yellow. Throw in a couple of decorative pumpkins and you're all set. Smoke machines or fake spiders webs are also a great place to start or simply draw some eyes on a sheet and call it a ghost – you do you!


10 Play Halloween games

All of the classic Halloween party games can be just as fun with only your family, like bobbing for apples or the classic toilet roll mummy. Thank goodness that toilet roll is back in stock again.


11 Make spooky snacks



Since you might not be able to do traditional Halloween activities like going to a haunted house or trick-or-treating with friends, you can channel more of your energy into creating a stunning spread of spooky snacks.


12 And some spooky sweets



Halloween is all about treating yourself — which means you should go all in on preparing a ton of sweets. Try something creative, like cupcakes or cookies the possibilities are endless.


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