By Isobel Hush

Halloween Makeup Looks Perfect For Your Next Zoom Call

We've all been there, your 9th zoom call of the week and its only Wednesday so why not make things a bit more interesting? With halloween coming up its time to have some fun with your look, take some inspiration from these incredible makeup artists and see what you can recreate for your next meeting..


1. @swayzemorgan


Now we aren't saying these looks are easy - they are actually very difficult if you have shaky hands like me - but of all the looks we are going to show in this post these are probably some of the easiest to create yourself. Sticking simply with they eyes they are contained yet effective and if you can get mini spiders to stick on your face or in your hair then you're all set! 

Image via @swayzemorgan on Instagram

2. @makeupbymahawaseem

Clowns are the next simple but effective look for halloween, afterall most people actually find clowns pretty terrifying. Get yourself some coloured contacts and draw on a creepy smile and you've got this look nailed. 


Image by @makeupbymahawaseem on Instagram


3. @andybonvalot

Why not turn yourself blue this halloween? We're not quite sure what Andy is trying to be here but for halloween honestly anything goes. Paint yourself all one colour, add some contour so your face doesn't get lost and use liner to define different aspects of your face in a contrasting colour. Don't forget to add some contact lenses to the look to really complete it. Not sure how much you will see in your meetings but at least you're getting into the holiday spirit! 


4. @breyonnafaye

We love this clown look on Breyonna but we are getting serious angel and devil vibes! Don't be afraid to mix a few different looks to create your halloween makeup this year, it's 2020 and anything goes!


Image via @breyonnafaye on Instagram



5. @thehouseof.beaute



Honetly I don't think I have ever seen someone look so good as a pumpkin before? We love this look by Caitlin and would definitely be recreating if we were as skilled as her! We'll just stick to carving actual pumpkins for now though! 

Image via @thehouseof.beaute on Instagram


6. @missnaomicarter

Another simple but effective look from Naomi. The dark lips and statement eyes complete with the witches hat make this halloween look something even we could recreate. As Naomi says, Bad (b)witches only.

Image via @missnaomicarter on Instagram


7. @rachelcrowemakeup

We love a clown look as you can probably tell, add some gems and some fake blood (Nothing real please!!) and take it to the next level. 

Image via @rachelcrowemakeup on Instagram


8. @ohmygeeee

Do you have a partner you can coordinate outfits with? Why not take some inspiration from Gina and Cam and recreate this Joker and Harley Quinn look. Not just fun to do but also super colourful. Doesn't everyone want to see what they will look like with red, blue or green hair? 

Image via @ohmygeeee on Instagram


9. @canyonwillis

With or without the contacts this is a great look, are they tears or smoke? We'll let you decide!

Image via @canyonwillis on Instagram


10. @makeupbypavani

Lets take little red riding hood but make her scary. Have you seen any other childhood characters made scary for halloween? Why not dree up as characters such as mickey or minnie mouse but make them zombies? Simple costumes but great for the holiday!

Image via @makeupbypavani on Instagram


11. @kristinefargerik

Lastly we have this look from Kristine which we feel is very fitting for this year. Pandemic but make it cool right? 

Image via @kristinefargerik on Instagram


Which look was your favourite? Will you be going all out for the holiday season? We look forward to seeing all your looks over the next few weeks!

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