By Isobel Hush

Layering - How To Combine Scents The Right Way

Have you ever been there before when you notice someone is wearing your favourite fragrance as they walk by? Maybe you have noticed multiple people wearing the same fragrance and it takes away how special it is for you. Fragrance is extremely personal and once you find out someone shares the same scent as you this can be a complete game changer. We have all been told that we should smell unique however with the big brands oversaturating the market this can be very difficult. Finding out someone shares a fragrance with you doesn't mean you need to ditch the fragrance completely, if you want to make it your own again why not consider layering? Here's how you do it..


Fragrance layering isn't a new trick. I mean it's literally how perfume is made in the first place, layering different notes ontop of another to create a beautiful blend that just works. Now i'm not going to be teaching you how you can become the next best perfumer (I'll leave that spot for Dom and Julie) but I will give you some simple tips on how you can layer your fragrances to make your scent unique to you. 


Photo by Kailey Sniffin on Unsplash


Understanding fragrance

First things first you need to get lots of different fragrances you like. The more fragrances you have the more combinations you will be able to make. This way you will be able to experiment more and find the balance that works best for you. The fragrances don't need to all be from the same brand or in the same price bracket or anything like that they can just be any fragrances you like. I will also suggest - while there are no rules to fragrance - that you don't try to layer two heavy fragrances ontop of eachother. This combination could simply turn out too heavy and some fragrances are simply better worn on their own! 

Next you need to understand the different layers of the fragrances and what each note in the fragrance does. You can find an article all about the Top, Heart and Base notes of fragrances here. An easy way to work out which fragrances will go well together is to find out what notes are commonly combined or match fragrances that have one or two of the same notes. 

If you take Shay and Blue for example both our Dandelion Fig and English Cherry Blossom fragrances contain Fig. We also have Sicilian Limes and Mood For Oud which contiain Lime. Searching fragrances that contain the same note is super easy on our website simply click the Fragrances category and then search using the notes drop down list at the top of the page. We have over 50 different fragrance notes used across our range so you will definitely find some notes in multiple fragrances!


Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash


Spray and spray some more

The next and final step is to just spray! Don't be afraid to experiment and if you don't want to smell like your experiment all day try it on some clothing before spraying it all over yourself and leaving the house. The tshirt you wore yesterday that will be going in the wash is a great place to experiment on. Not every fragrance will mix well with another so just keep trying until you find a few combinations you love.

After you have decided on a fragrance combination you like then you will have to try it on the skin. As explained in previous blog posts the fragrance changes once mixed with the chemicals on your skin, unfortunately what might smell great on your clothing may not smell as nice once sprayed onto you. 


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