By Isobel Hush

Make Your Own Advent Calendar

If you're an avid Christmas fan or simply like a bit of holiday spirit (I know we all need it this year!) then you can't deny that advent calendars are one of the best parts of the festivities. As you get older advent calendars don't just have to have chocolates behind the windows and with the recent growth in popularity of beauty advent calendars it is clear to see that no matter what is behind each door its fun to have something to open every morning. 

Beauty advent calendars can get a bit pricey and also can be very generic. They can be filled with items you dont like or simply aren't interested in trying or they can be a way to try out brands and products that will soon become your holy grail. Previously we have had our fragrances in beauty advent calendars made by brands such as M&S and many of our customers have found us through that! 

If you're interested in making your own advent calendar for a friend or loved one and want to add more of a personal touch then here are a few tips of how to do it..


Decide how long your calendar will be

Now the most important first step is to decide the length of time it will be going for. This helps you to work out just how many gifts you need to include. Typically calendars run for 24 days from December 1st to 24th but many of the beauty advent calendars have used the 12 days of christmas as their inspiration. Typically the twelve days of christmas run from December 25th to January 5th but if you wanted to use it as a countdown you could simply do one gift every other day until christmas eve or start your countdown on the 13th of December. The length of the calendar is completely your choice. 


Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash


How do you want your calendar to be presented? 

From cloth calendars to wooden draws, gift bags or wrapped presents there are many different pre made designs you can purchase or you can simply number wrapped gifts! If you wan't to make the advent a bit more fun you could try turning it into a game and leave clues for where the next gift could be and send the recipient on a treasure hunt. 


What gifts do you want to include 

Whether you're going all out and having actual gifts for the advent or if you're simply popping some sweets in each pocket it's important to have each present planned so you know you have the right amount. Some of our smaller items that could be used for a home made advent calendar include: 

Rich Almond Hand Creme

Lites Collection - 7 different scents to choose from in 10ml bottles

Hand Sanitiser

Samples - 2mls

Eau de Parfum - 10mls 



Image via @chronicbeautystyle on Instagram


Depending on the size of your gifts and the budget available this will determine your choices! Just a tip, if you purchase our gift sets and split the product up you will get more product for less!


Start making your calendar!

Now you have everything you need you're ready to make the calendar. Make it as christmassy or as simple as you like and enjoy! Don't forget to tag us if you use any Shay and Blue products! 


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